A/N: Hey. Been a little bit sincer I posted anything, so here goes. This one is actually an idea for a wrestling federation brand theme that I might be helping start. This being for the kind of ECW style brand Xtremity. As you can tell, it has a very violent and combative feel. But I like to think it's a bit more than that as well. It's about resilience, and the whole, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" kind of thing. It's about enduring pain in general. Be it physical, emotional, or mental. Enjoy.

Comprehensive Agony


Rated X for too extreme!
This sick collision is our dream.
They all cheer for your screams!
We're the legion of the end, join the team!

Fall down, get up, get crushed...
Get extreme.

Objective, torture you completely!
You'd better take the pain.
Bloodied, reach your extremity!
Leave nothing but a stain.

What makes you think we care,
About your bones and your welfare?
So take this stand, if you dare!
Let no emotion enter your stare!

Knocked down, pulled up, get crushed...
Get extreme.

Perspective, twisting you completely!
You don't comprehend the pain!
Obscene, beg for your extremity!
Bloodbath leaves a stain!

Blood, don't wash away...
Mutilation, in every way...
Your mind will ever remain...
Pure pain, pure power!

No hope, no reason!
No remorse!
And no real solution!
Strayed off course!
All we have,
Is our destruction!!!

Objective, throttle you entirely!
You're indifferent to the pain!
Unscathed, unleash your extremity!
Bleed and die in vain.