Manipulative Words (Compliments)

I don't know if I should have ever believed those things,

That you said about me,

They aren't true.

I'm not beautiful,






Anything you told me I was.

Your manipulative mind made me fall for you,

Did you ever really mean anything you said those nights?,

Those compliments,

Those beautiful words,

…Put together like a breathtaking rose…

Still, to this day,

I don't know if you really meant them,

You never confirmed what you said,

You rarely spoke to me in person,

You came alive like a marionette online,

Springing into action,

Desperate for attention.

You forced my mind to try to do what you wanted to do,

But I snapped out of that cloud,

Just in time,

To see what true love really is,

I don't think it was with you,

Or was it?

I believe that you screwed this up,

You made me walk away,

Just be truthful…

Did you really mean those things?

Or were you fibbing?

Was it some kind of bet?

That you were not willing to lose?

Was I the prize?

Or was there someone else in your life?

Am I the one that you think about?


Did you mean those things?

If I was smart, like you told me I was,

I would have seen that you were lying,

Just to get with me,

You were as desperate

(maybe even more so)

as me to find and receive love.

Yearning for love,

Taking every sign that you liked me,

And making it my life,

You gave me the attention that I wanted,

That I needed,

I felt that I did.

I still need it,

Need someone to be with me,

Reassure me that I am worthwhile,

Don't ask me why I need this,

I don't know myself.