The man who fought to save a stranger
The stranger who robbed his dead body
And the family that the man left behind,
It's a story too sad for the world to hear.

The children reading poetry in class
The child in back you never saw
Beneath his arm a scar or two
He was a lucky one.

The woman who bore a girl
But was killed trying to protect her.
The girl became an outcast
And was told to hate herself.

The friends who swore to heart and friendship
But quit and cursed each other
Once the rest left.
And died when their friends didn't help them.

The hearts full of spite and angst
Full of pain that no one else sees
And with each one that falls
It's a bitter stab at the heartstrings.
Maybe we'll find some truth around this world.
For now…we pay tribute.
So we stare at tombstones and listen to eulogies,
Sometimes all we can do is hope.

Remembering who we are
What we've done.
All we can do is hope.