Liers Who Never Lie

Breaking easy with an innocent face.
I have verb and contradicting eyes.
You have highclass ignorance and a painful vocabulary.
But I have the ability to lie without saying a word.
Truth be told I'd rather tell the truth,
But you've never asked.
And at that point saying anything would be more of an confession.
I've never been one for church.
And sense regret is something that rarely crosses my mind
A confession wouldnt have much of a point.
A loved one once told me "Fuck the poets.Your lips will get you far just dont waste them on talking."
I talk far too much but I also believe in the fact that if you yourself do not use you will be used.
But I do not use my lips as whores do indicated by that quote.
I use my words.
I am as cynical as they come,
And you are just as naive as I am a cynic.
And I doubt you will take your time out of the day to read this.
...And I guess regret is something that does cross my mind from time to time.
I am truthful... Just no one ever asks...

Im sorry... I didnt mean our lives to turn out this way.

Unconditionally Yours