Count Your Blessings

They say that breaking up is hard to do

But I never realized

Just how much it would hurt

Not just me, but you

Hearts broken, trust destroyed

Nothing would ever be the same

So many tears I shed that day

In hopes of getting over

The pain that I had caused us both

Because I couldn't handle

The thought of losing everything

I made a choice, difficult as it was

And did what I needed to do

Even though inside, my heart

Was slowly breaking into pieces

Knowing that healing would take time

And not expecting to even be friends

After what I'd done to you

But somehow, in the midst of pain and anger

You managed to forgive me

And we began healing together

Instead of being apart for good

We found a new purpose

In one another's life

Not the same as before, but maybe better

Because in the end

No matter how much I've hurt

Or how many times

The radio has brought me to tears

By playing my favorite song

That reminds me of you

Being able to forgive for the hurt

And starting our friendship anew

Matters the most to me

And even though we may have lost

Something special in the process

We've gained a new perspective

On life and on love

And we'll always have

The memories of the good times

That we've had together

With many more to come

From our fresh start friendship

And I'm thankful for you

Because you never let go

And you forgave me

When it was the hardest thing to do

And I know we'll be great friends

Because you and I both care

And no matter what, you'll always have

A special place in my heart 3