Infinite Terror

By: Cal Kain

Chapter I:

Homicidal Tendencies

"Goodnight." The bright light shut off and the four adults nestled their heads upon the pillows. Except Brandon, the only child in the cabin, laid wide awake and uneasy about sleep. The rain outside pounded harder than a hammer on the forest floor, which mixed with the snoring of the adults. Brandon just couldn't close his eyes and sleep in peace like the others.

Soon, his mouth became dry and he slowly stepped out of his cot to get a drink from the bathroom faucet. He turned the nozzle, but nothing came out of the faucet. He left the bathroom and made his way to the kitchen where he stopped at the sink. Again the faucet let out no water and Brandon began to worry.

He looked out the kitchen window at the rain pouring down upon the dirt floor. In his mind he thought that it might flood the forest if it continued like this until morning.

Then, out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of something. A man in a tattered green shirt and slacks drenched and covered with thick mud. The man's glasses, or what appeared to be just a bent frame with chipped glass, barely hung onto his face. With a black cap on his head, his face was indistinguishable, but his grey beard gave the appearance that he was an older man.

Brandon stood dumbstruck while the man fell down into the mud. The man began to scream like the deathly toll of a clock striking midnight. And out of the night a shady figure emerged with a mallet in his hand. Down and down it struck upon the man's head, smashing it to nothing more than pulp. Chunks of bloody bones flew every which way until Brandon let out an equally terrifying scream himself.

The figure looked up at Brandon and they starred eye to eye for a few seconds.

The figure's face was disfigured and he had only one tooth in his whole mouth as he gave a sinister grin. With a flick of his wrist he sent his mallet flying through the air and crashing into the kitchen window. Brandon ran like hell to the bedroom where the adults began to stir out of sleep.

"What the hell, Brandon! We're trying to get some sleep around here if you don't mind!"

"No, no…you have to listen…creature out…out…side. Creature outside. Get help…get h…"

Brandon was cut short when the mallet came crashing down on his head. His blood sprayed the cabin walls and stained the clothes of the adults.

"Holy shit! What the hell is…"

Once again another sentence was shortened as the second man fell to his gruesome death. The last three men saved there breathe and smashed open a window. One man was halfway out the window when the creature ripped him out by his feet and through him against a wall. He bent down to pound his head into the floorboards and watched as the blood seeped through the cracks.

He gazed back at the final two with a grin so sadistic that the two men sent chilling screams throughout the cold, winter air that could make your heart skip a beat. The screams became muffled and soon silenced until the only sound that could be heard was the blood slowly dripping from the mallet.