I'm sorry that you feel this way,

I wish that I can stay,

So you can be with me…

We're destined to be together,

But the world is winning,

My head is out of control thinking about you, rapidly spinning.

Is it better this way?

I'm hurt inside,

There's no where to run and hide.

I feel as if you just pushed me aside.

I know you meant all of those beautiful words,

I know everything that you think inside, murmured, concurred,

I want to whole world to know, how I feel about you.

But you say we are over, through.

I just want to shout it out in God's name,

From all that I did, I screwed up big time,

I hang my head in shame.

Why did this have to happen?

I know you mean well, but it just doesn't fit,

You are the reason that my heart is lit.

I question my every move,

I am hesitant, in expressing how I am feeling,

I have so many various, complicated feelings toward you,

Please, just stop this reeling!

It's only you I want to be with,

That is a sure, true fact, not a myth.

I have a voice inside of me telling me that you do too,

But, take a double look, are you being true?

Why can't this be plain and simple?

What I am feeling is…

It just feels so right.

I wish we were together, without contemplating, not a fight.

We're putting up our walls again,

My heart was broken, and now will mend,

Thanks to you, for always being there,

I know you will always be here for me, without world's end.

Our match made in Heaven,

We were destined to be with each other,

To hold in each other's arms,

I can no longer hide my feelings, to cover…

I'll always be here for you,

Longing for something oh so true,

I guess it's meant not to be,

For you and me,

…To become an us.

I know deep inside that we were never "together",

But I felt that we were,

Pulled into one, our feelings, floating as light as a feather.