Time Walkers

When you have an IQ of 241, everyone expects you to have all the answers. But let me tell you, it doesn't matter how capable you are of retaining information or how unique and logical your problem solving abilities are, life will always remain shrouded in mystery. Because even if you manage to find the answer to a lifelong question, it'll just raise a billion other questions, all starting with one of two words, why and/or how. For someone to assume they have all the answers is just ludicrous. They're either schizo or they're Skyraen. But before I get into all that, maybe I should start from the beginning…

Six weeks ago I was living the normal life of a 19 year-old genius. I had a glorious condo that I shared with my best, and really only friend, Emma Malcom, a mathematician, 4 miles away from Langley, Virginia, where we worked as consultants for the CIA. I had 11 Ph.D.s and was well on my way to earning another four. Unfortunately before I could complete those works in progress, I got sucked into an inter-dimensional wormhole that exists outside of space and time, created by demented and inane scientists with a major god-complex from the 24 th century while Emma and I were out on another one her many attempts to find me a guy, dragging us both 300 years into the future to the year 2301.

I won't lie by saying that the past six weeks haven't been interesting, and at times even fun, but it's also been dangerous, it still is. Emma told me that someone had to know what was going on, what has happened. It's important that we don't get lost in history she says. There has to be a record of this so none of this will ever happen again. So here I am, in the middle of the most important battle of our lives writing down this record like some gung-ho war journalist who got caught in way over her head.

Now, penmanship isn't my forte, I've always been better with numbers and facts than actual words. But I'll do my best to transcribe the events of the past six weeks.

My name is Evelyn James and this is my story as a Time Walker.

A/n: I'm sure everyone who are reading my other stories are wondering why I'm starting a third story while I've still got two others to finish, and all I can say is that I can't help what I write. I write what's in my head and this is in my head. I can't concentrate on anything else while this story is in my head.