Leaving Home

Sum: Tired of living with her mom's harsh treatment, Evett Castillo decides to get her own place to finish her life while entering a well known academy in England. All she needed was a job and when she saw the sign for a new maid she took the chance. She never knew it was for one of the richest and youngest bachelor though who happens to be looking for a wife

"Evett Rose Castillo!"

The thunder of my mother's heavy Spanish accent rings within my ear drums, causing my blood to freeze at what could make her call out my full name.

Taking a glimpse around, I see my rooms silver paint about, shinning ever brightly as the morning beams cascade over the drapes of the window. My eyes seemly conjecture my lack of simplicity throughout the wild room. If there was a show (and there probably is) for the most extreme room, I'd win by a long shot.

The room was filled with silver curtains, black furniture with silver lining, and a gothic looking purple wall with black roses in which I have I painted myself after confirming that they were a little to bare for my tastes. My windows stood tall, almost towering over my form with personalized art imbedded within the glass.

Then there were posters consisting of MRC, Green Day, Slayer and a T.I, which looked out of place among the gothic/emo decor that my sister had proclaim to be.

Suddenly the door burst open, startling me when it revealed a frustrated woman of thirty-nine glaring daggers at my lazy form. Her messy grayish hair seemed much frizzier than usual, making her appear crazed and animal like, one that make the children run in fear.

"Evett you're supposed to be up already, not sitting on your ass like an overweight cow!" ah, sweet sweet insults to start the morning, got to love my ma.

"But its freaking 6:00 in the morning! No regular teenager my age even in England would be up this bloody time!" I wined in my father's British accent. We had lived here in England for a month now, yet it already felt like years!

"I don't care, just get up and do your chorus! Why couldn't you be more like Jasmine? So sweet so kind, aww it warms my heart when I see her reading to little George in the morning." My lips turned into an instant frown at this. I hate how she always tries to compare me and my sister who was just one older than me. She was always trying to make me feel bad for my sarcastic, tomboyish personality unlike Jasmine's supposedly flawless one.

"Maybe cuz I'm human and she's a heartless machine you created to be the perfect daughter. If you hadn't notice we are different people, oh and the only reason she reads to him in the morning is because he's still too knocked out to run from her." I stated flatly, making my mother's thoughtful features turn sour.

"Why do you always compare your sister to a heartless machine?" Mother inquired in a quite clam voice, yet her eyes seemed much darker as she spoke. This didn't really faze me by far since I knew this wasn't much of a glare like her others.

"Just stating the truth is all." I replied dully, seeing what her reaction would be. Instead of an insult I was reposed with a firm slap on the cheek, making my eyes narrow at the unforgiving feel of ma's rough hand.

"That's not an answer at all!" She hissed out while holding her hand up to deliver another harsh blow.

"How would you feel..if were always compared to auntie Mary?" I cut in sharply, steadily looking into her eyes fearlessly. I didn't care if I got hit again, all I wanted was for to hear me out.

"wha..? "

"Always living in another's shadow while every one claims her to be perfect and left you in the dark? She isn't always so perfect ma, she's not as flawless as you say she is..she has her wrongs too just like me" Surprisingly my voice came out cold and dry, something I didn't mean intentionally.

My head was looking down when my words had spilled from my lips yet I felt maybe it was about time I had told her how I felt. Hearing nothing I slowly gaze upward, seeing ma's blank expression. Her eyes seemed lifeless, like she was somewhere else. Her lips were now just a fine line.

There was just dead silent within my room, none talking, and none moving. My eyes drifted to the door, seeing it lightly ajar. Right in the rift I could spot George's curious gray eyes along with Jasmine's stunning blue right above him, staring in wonder as well. Mentally rolling my eyes I glance back to ma, seeing she shifted her weight over to the right side while her eyes seemly looked past me.

Her lips moved to speak but closed them again and shook her head lightly.

"You weren't treated like I was back then Evett, you were never put down like I was-"

"Oh really? Explain, why can't you be more like your sister Jasmine? Or why couldn't I have given birth to another girl who was exactly like your sister! Oh no no, how about the one where you said I should have given you up for adoption! So I could have only one girl who wasn't so outlandish or so wild! Its called character ma, something Jasmine gave up years ago. At least I'm myself and act who I am, not like someone who I'm not!" I could feel heat rush through my body as my anger rose, while tears of rage clung onto my redden cheeks.

"There you go again with that silly angry of yours! You need to learn to control your emotions like..like.."she paused, not wanting to finish her sentence, her head facing downward now.

"Like my sister." I finished her words for her, seeing she didn't look up at me since I was indeed correct.

My mind was riddled with many thoughts, thinking over what I should do since mother obviously would prefer Jasmine over me.

"I'm moving out..." I conclude, catching a glimpse of ma's shocked face.

"But I-"

"So you won't have to deal with my behavior." I planted a small smile upon my lips, seeing that now Jasmine and my six year old brother had walked into the room.

" Evett you don't have to leave you know" Jasmine said halfheartedly, as I shrugged in response while scanning her features.

Jasmine was lucky enough to inherited fathers stunning blue eyes, his amazing golden locks, and above all his angelic smile. Her skin held mother's lily like, translucent skin while mine was an a bit pale olive tone.

The reason why I didn't like being told she was better than me was that she always hid herself behind a mask.

Even though she got father's good features she wasn't much of a compassionate person like he was. She would put up a gentle, sweet performance at school when we went to school together.

Her classmates would say constant compliments to her "She's so sweet!" or "You're amazingly smart and beautiful Jasmine!" while she would just smile and say 'thank you', yet her other personality would laugh at the fools. Her real personality was that of cunning cat who was as much laid back person like I am.

I suspected she got this from ma since she always hung around her when she was little, never much acknowledging father. He was somewhat taken back this yet when I was born he felt much happier since I wanted to be with him more than ma. My mother even says when I open my eyes for the first time, I look to him first, reaching and squirming to get him with a toothless smile along my face.

My eyes soften at the blissful memories of my father before he died at the early age of 30
Shaking my straight black hair, I notice George with his sadden gray eyes looking up to me with his hand tugging on my loss pants.

"Eve no go." Though six, George loved to talk like a little three year old, this just added on to his cuteness.

"I'm sorry Georgy, but eve got to go." Hugging him softly, I hear his little sobs escape in small hiccups. Stealing a glimpse I catch sight of Jasmine and Ma, one held a distressing stare, while the other didn't even bother to face me.

They won't regret me leaving any way; they have their own lives to worry about. I thought sadly to myself as my brother held onto me.

"Eve be ok right?" His innocent question drew me back to him, earning a too cute look from him.

Kneeling down, I place a small tender kiss on his temple, grinning in reassurance.

"Yes Eve will be fine" I hugged him once more with my wide grin, seeing he wasn't as sad as he was a second ago. My mind wondered as I held my baby brother tighter, a pained concern dwelling in my chest.

Where would I go?

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