Even if I don't make a move

I keep being swept away through the cracks of time

I don't give a damn about anything around me

I am me, and that's all there is.

-Bad Apple

The clock ticks like a bomb, enabling us from moving as we try to think over the deafening sound. I wouldn't have minded the little noise, seeing it gave us a reminder that time was still moving despite the fact that we weren't. Yet, after a few minutes of harmless moving of the pointers and churning echoes of the gears, I found myself wanting to murder the grandfather clock.

Across from me, Dagan sat in his own personal hell. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, but seeing how he kept tapping his right foot and his dark brows were scrunch together seemed like a good indication that he wasn't in a happy mood about something. I also notice that he kept shifting his gaze over to a particular location, one that his twin was occupying at the moment.

I'm surprised with myself in the least. Half of me had expected myself to not be able to stand to be near Devin's presence, but for some odd reason it didn't bother me as much as it did a few days ago. Perhaps it was the fact he finally told me what happen, or that my grudge against him was finally fading away. I turn my head slightly, taking a glimpse over to Devin.

From the corner of my eye I can see Devin positioned beside a window, his misty blue eyes observing the gloomy day as silver droplets of water met the glass in a whimsical drumming. His hair wasn't held back today and a few stands rested upon her shoulder as he continues to stare out the window.
At that moment I couldn't help but notice the difference between the two.

Unlike his twin, Devin was clam and content with his thoughts and spoke with a smooth, tranquil tone that could disarm even the most heated arguments. He tended to the negotiating type, at least that's how I used to remember him when we were together. He never liked fights much and would always try to find ways to avoid them or sort them out.

Dagan though, was the complete opposite. Instead of keeping his thoughts to himself, he freely expressed what was on his mind and at times, let his temper get the best of him. His voice was smooth like Devin's but it held more of a silver-tongue edge from years of probably persuading girls to run away from their goody ways or somehow getting out of certain situation.

Though we tend to bump heads from time to time, I couldn't help but feel myself somewhat enjoy our arguments.

Yet, this wasn't something I shouldn't be thinking about. Right now I find myself in a complex situation. It might seem like something I shouldn't be worried about, but for some reason the subject always tended to pop up when I was around the Myths.

'Plus, as of late I find myself having these thoughts ...' I reflected inside my mind, quickly stopping the sentence from progressing any further as I sighed inwardly. I didn't help the fact that I had such free time to think over such things, especially when others were not doing so well at the moment. I need to find a way to help Janet, as well as a way to help Jeremy. If it hadn't been for that bimbo that Janet had seen with Jeremy than none of this would have happened.

'There's also the matter with Amber I need to solve.' I thought grimly, already feeling the frown that was inching along my lips. Though I already knew Amber had been the cause for my troubles in the past, I hadn't expected what had truly happen between her and Devin. After the talk with my ex, I found a new level of hatred towards the blonde. The reason why he left, the reason why I felt that pain had all been caused by that witch. It's funny how one person could cause such disorder.

Breathing in, I found myself wishing for someone to speak. Thankfully though, I didn't have to wait long.

"Those two are still not talking to each other?" Dagan finally asks though the silence, clearly bored with the stillness of the place. I couldn't blame him, seeing that there really wasn't much to do on days like this. His mother and father were busy making arrangements while his exams had already been taken care of.

"Seems like it." I nod, grateful for the sudden distraction. If I had to bare another second of my focus on the clock, I was sure I'd be paying the Myth's for a new one. "How's Jeremy taking it?"

"He feels like he's the one to blame." He remarks solemnly, rolling his eyes as he relaxed back into the couch. "What about your friend?"

I laugh at this. "Feels like he's the one to blame."

"Nice." He winces, seeing that the turn of events wasn't going so well. Jeremy hadn't visited in a while, something that was clearly bothering Dagan. I sympathized with this, seeing that I haven't heard much from Janet either. Though we go to the same school, she rarely talks unless it was necessary.

That wasn't like her at all.

Turning my head back to him, I find that he was still staring at me. "So, what are we going to do?"

"Do what?" He raised a brow at this, clearly not understanding at what I was hinting. I felt the sudden impulse to roll my eyes at this.

"You know, help them." I urge, hoping that Dagan wasn't trying to play a game with me. The only response I received was a blank stare.

"She's wondering if you're going to help them get back together." Another voice chimed in, its tone undoubtedly irritated with Dagan's tactless response. From the side, I can see that Devin's attention was now focused on us, his eyes narrowing slightly as they land on Dagan.

"Thank you Devin." I say, somewhat grateful. I was also surprised by the fact that I said his name without any aggression. I then turned back to Dagan, "So now you understand-"

"I know what she meant." Dagan cuts in, sending a glare in Devin's direction. I can feel the tension begin to boil in the room. "I just don't see how we can."
Devin stood from his spot, slowly rising to his full height in a graceful manor.

"Then next time answer. Don't go beating around the bush."He informs, also glaring at Dagan with the same amount of irritation. It felt like I was standing between a pair of wolves that were about ready to tear each other throats out.

"boys-" I try to intervene, feeling this wasn't the time to start a fight. It was a good thing that their parents were out; otherwise I doubt they would stand for this. Never did I image myself to be the one to break up a fight. Usually I enjoyed fights, seeing I had caused my fair share of them when I as a child.

"If you haven't notice, no one asked you." Dagan also rose from his spot, his movements less graceful but just as commanding as he stood face to face with his brother.

"Try to be mature for once." Devin interjects, his soft tone irritating the other man.

"I'm not immature!" Dagan growls back.

"You're still the same, spoiled as always."

"Just because I had more dates than you-" Dagan began but Devin cuts him off with another insult. Watching the two continue to argue, I try to figure out what I was going to do about this situation. I wasn't going to be able to handle this any longer.

"I'm wearing polka dots!" I yell, saying the first thing that came to mind as the twins froze in place. It wasn't until the two turned to face me, did I realize what I had just said. I can see that Devin was sporting an alarmed expression while Dagan held a bemused appearance at my sudden interruption. With their full attention now on me, I couldn't help but feel that my little comment was perhaps a little bit too overboard.
Well this was embarrassing.

"Polka dot what?" Dagan suddenly asks, his interest taking a new direction as he steps away from his brother. If I had known that saying polka dot would catch a man's attention I would have tried that earlier in life.

"..Socks." I murmur, looking away from a second as I felt my face begin to burn. From my peripheral vision can see Dagan raise a brow in amusement.

"Right." He says, smirking as I try to regain my ground. Next time I'll just scream to get their attention than risk humiliating myself. Also, it would help if he stopped staring...

"Anyway, as I was trying to say before-" I glare at the two equally. Dagan meets my glare while Devin avoids my gaze. I could still see a hint of red along his cheeks. "This interruption, I have an idea."

"Then it must be the end for us all." Dagan chuckles, giving me a one of his lazy smiles while plopping back onto the couch. I blushed inwardly.
"Oh bugger off." I hissed, glaring at the man for a few seconds before turning away from him. If he kept this up I wouldn't be able to look at him ever again. Which was hard...but I have no idea why.

"So what's your idea?" Devin inquires, his eyes finally meeting mine as I thought over my answer.

"Simple." I say, feeling a smile spread along my lips as I picture my idea in my head. If there was one way to get people together, it would be this. "We'll just take them to a night out."

"Why can't I go?" A small, but cute voice whines from behind me, trailing after my every step as I practically try to out walk through one of the guest rooms I had just finished cleaning on the top floor. In my head, I could feel gears grinding together as I force myself to keep my mouth shut.

Don't get me wrong, I love Elli like a little sister (a twisted and somewhat demented little sister), but now was not the time for this.

"Because you just can't." I said for the hundredth time, already finding myself wanting to find the nearest wall or priceless possession in this house and smash it with my bear hands. But that would require pain tolerance, and at this moment that wasn't something I had full control over. Plus, I'd have to personally explain my actions to the Myths and I doubt they would want a half driven insane maid working under their roof. I do have bills to pay...

"This is not fair. I rarely get to hang out with you anymore." Elli whines cutely, trying her hardest to appear sweet and innocent, something I thought was impossible for the little she devil.

"I'm here every day, which includes weekends!" I exclaim in exhaustion, dramatically turning on my heel to face the small girl. "What do you want me to do? Live here?"

Of course I didn't mean it in a literal sense. Too bad she took it that way though.

"Maybe." She mumbles, hugging her stuff toy to her as her eyes lower. I could feel my jaw almost come unhinged as I stare at the girl. That was the last thing I would expect to hear from her.

Lowering myself to a kneeling position, I take a deep breath as I try to find a way to convince her to stay at home.

"Look, I promise I'll take you to the park or something tomorrow. Then we can hang out all you want." I say, placing my best smile as I try to reason with the girl. At first I didn't know whether the idea would work and almost panic when her blue eyes narrow in thought. Finally though, Elli nods in agreement, allowing me sigh in relief. It was enough verification to declare that I had won the small battle. I didn't even bother saying I won the war since I already know that was impossible, especially if one was trying to win against Elli.

After telling her to help Stanley (who finally returned from his damn vacation) in the kitchen, I did one last double take at my handy work on the second floor before heading back down to the first floor. So far I had everything planned out about the evening; I even manage to convince Janet to get out of the house. Dagan had already taken care of Jeremy and said he would meet up with us at the club that we decide would be the perfect place to get the two together. Though Devin had doubts about the idea, seeing that they both had no clue the other was coming, I couldn't help but feel enthusiastic.

So what if they had no idea? It was perfect! I also had a few tricks up my sleeve just in case anything would perhaps go wrong during the night out.

"You're getting better at this." I hear Dagan say from behind, his voice starting out of my thoughts as I turn back to see that he wasn't that far behind me. Since we would be leaving soon, he had already changed into a pair of dark gray jeans and a fairly tight fitting shirt that had a few loose buttons at the top.

I had to admit, it appeared almost anything looked good on him.

"Better at what?" I inquire, lifting a brow in question as the man strolls over to me. It was amazing how light his footsteps were at times.

"Controlling the little demon. How is that possibly when even I, her own brother, can't even do that?" He remarks, his eyes sliding over to where the kitchen door stood. From inside, I could hear Elli asking Stanley about certain ingredients and what foods went good together. For a second, I thought she was a normal girl for once...that was until she asked about how create food poisoning. I guess she was going for a new approached at world domination once again.

I pity the fool who ends up marrying her.

"It's all in the wording."I said, feeling my lips curve upward as I felt an insult dancing along my tongue. "You just naturally fail at that sort of thing."

"And yet you're a maid."He points out, obviously catching one of my weak spots as I almost stumbled over my feet.

"Don't try to make me feel inferior, because you'll just lose." I hiss, allowing myself to smirk as I begin to walk off. Dagan apparently didn't catch the memo and followed after me.

"And why is that?"

"Isn't it obvious?" I mock, my eyes facing forward.

"What's obvious?" He tries again, but quickly avoid the subject as I head towards my destination.

"Elli, is the food ready?" I call to the girl, entering the kitchen for some sort of distraction. In the back, I could see Elli trying to poor some liquid into the food before spotting me. Then like magic, she made the bowl with the liquid vanish.

Well, almost.

Basically she throws it into the sink super fast.

"I was just...going to have Stanley try some of my new dish." She says innocently, fiddling with her outfit as she looks over her shoulder to were the oblivious cook sat at the table. He appears to be looking over meal ideas as he flips through a cook book.

"Right." I murmur, eye the girl in suspicion before shaking my head. "Just make sure Stanley lives through it so he can make dinner for your mother and father." At this the little girl's eyes twinkle in delight. Dear lord.

"Ok!" She says cheerfully, beginning to look at the ingredients that Stanley had laid out on the counter as she starts to experiment. Turning away from the bizarre scene, I find that Dagan was still behind me.

"You didn't answer my question." He says, glaring at me for some odd reason as I tilt my head in question.

"What question?" I echo artlessly, trying to copy the look that Elli had given me earlier.


"What?" I say, placing my sweetest smile as I wait for Dagan's reaction. The poor man was stunned by the sudden action. It would appear that my annoyance was now fully naturalized.

"I give up." He sighs, already steering himself down the hall as I felt a wave of relief.

Looking towards the clock, I sigh in frustration.

"This better work." I murmur to myself, feeling the faint chill of anxiety rising within me. Smiling halfheartedly, I start down the same path towards Dagan as I wonder over the possibilities for tonight.

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