Boot Camp


Scene opens as we see a convoy of five military SUVs heading towards a base at night. In the third SUV sits Private First Class Ethan Navarro. Beside him sits Private First Class Earl 'Mack' Mackenzie and Private Olivier Hernandez. They are laughing and joking.

Mack: So the priest asks the president, "What are you doing in my bar?" and the president replies "what are you doin' in my country?"

The troopers in the SUV laugh.

Mack: (laughing) I swear, I almost fell off my stool!

Olivier: If I were there, I would've given them both some beer! They need it!

Mack: That's exactly what I thought. It looks like we need some beer too.

Mack cranes his neck to look at the looming base ahead. The SUVs are coming down a winding road to a guard post.

Mack: What do you think they have there? Pina Coladas?

Ethan: Maybe they have some Cabernet Sauvi- whatever they're called.

Mack: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ethan: How do you know?

Mack: It's my girlfriend's favorite type of wine.

Ethan: Your girlfriend…her names Jen, right?

Mack: Yeah. We're going to be engaged as soon as I get back home, which is tomorrow!

Olivier: You gonna give her some Cabernet Sauvi-whatever they're called when you return?

Mack: Of course! And I got…

He smiles brightly.

Mack: This.

He takes out a small box from a pocket and opens it. Inside, there is an engagement ring. All the troopers crowd around it to look.

Olivier: Woah…You're so lucky, dude!

Mack smiles. He looks happy and bliss.

Ethan: Well, I'm looking for some Pina Coladas.

The troopers laugh.

Meanwhile, in the first SUV of the convoy, Captain Jim Boyerfield stares at the guards as they approach. Boyerfield turns to his lieutenant, Lieutenant Chris Brock.

Boyerfield: The guards…they look strange…

Brock: It's two in the morning, sir. They're bound to look a little strange.

One of the guards approaches the driver of the SUV. He is unusually straight, and his eyes are sharp blue. The guard always stares straight ahead.

Guard: (in a monotone voice) Sir, please show your identification tag.

The driver complies, and the guard runs the ID in his scanner before returning it to the driver.

Guard: Identification confirmed. Please proceed.

The guard motions towards the gate. The gate slowly swings open and the convoy continues through. Boyerfield looks uneasy as he eyes the guards walking around. All of the guards are the same way as the first. They all move at the same time. Boyerfield starts shaking.

Boyerfield: (in a whisper) Lieutenant, tell the men to load their weapons. Something is not right.

Brock: Yes sir.

Brock presses a button on his radio, which is strapped to his shoulder.

Brock: All units load weapons.

Suddenly, their SUV explodes. Boyerfield and Brock are engulfed in flames.

Cuts to Ethan's SUV. All the troopers try to see what happened to the first SUV. Men from the second SUV start to jump out. Guards of the base start to converge on them, firing their automatic machine guns. New enemies also come out. These new enemies wear helmets that cover their face as well as camouflage pants and jackets.

Ethan: What the heck?

Mack: We're under attack! Over the side, now!

Mack frantically puts the ring back in his pocket and hastily loads his rifle. The SUV behind them explodes.

Ethan: Bail out now! We can't stay in here!

They jump out of the SUV, firing back at the enemies. Mack sprains his ankle on landing and leans against a wall, seething. Olivier jumps behind Ethan. They all look scared as another trooper jumps out, only to receive bullets from the opposing force.

Ethan: We have to get out of this place!

Mack: (in pain) How? I can't walk!

Ethan: We have to find a way!

A guard appears at the other side of the building and fires. Olivier, who was holding on to Ethan's backpack, gets hit and falls, face frozen in horror. Mack screams. Ethan returns fire, hitting the guard in the chest.

Ethan checks Olivier. He finds no pulse, so he rips off Olivier's dog tags.

Ethan: Come on, Mack!

He hoists Mack up and supports him as they move towards the fifth SUV, which is undamaged.

Mack: Ethan, I don't think I can make it!

Ethan: Hold on, Mack! Just a few more meters!

An enemy soldier appears somewhere behind them and fires. A puff of smoke exits Mack's body. Mack yelps and crumples to the ground. The enemy soldier gets hit by someone else and falls, too.

Ethan: Mack! Mack!

Ethan kneels and looks at his friend. Mack is gasping for air, but it is clear that he's dying.

Mack: (weakly) Hey…Ethan…

Ethan: I'm here, Mack. I'm here, friend.

Mack: I…I…I'm not…I'm not going to make it…

Ethan: Yes you are! Just don't think about it! Okay, Mack? Don't think about it!

Mack smiles weakly, and puts a hand in his pocket.

Mack: (faintly) I want…you to…

Ethan leans closer to hear better.

Mack: give…this to…her…

Mack slowly and shakily removes the box containing the ring from his pocket. He hands it towards Ethan. Ethan, crying, takes it.

Mack: E…e…

He chokes.

Mack: Goodbye…

Mack falls limp. Ethan is frozen for a few seconds, and then stands up, face frozen as he stares at Mack's body. He loads his rifle and prepares to unleash his fury at the enemy. Suddenly, everything freezes and turns blue. Ethan becomes weak, and he falls to his knees.

A low voice rumbles through the place. It belongs the demon Ace.

Ace: Private First Class Ethan Navarro…we meet at last…

Ethan stares, horrified, and then tries to shoot. However, his gun doesn't work.

Ace: Do you know who I am?

Ethan: (shivering) you're that demon…Ace…

Ace: Yes, I am. And do you know who you are?

Ethan: I…I…

Ace: You are the perfect candidate for my ultimate plan. You have the raw nerve, the clouded emotions, and the desire to get retribution. You want to kill me, correct?

Ethan: What…?

Ace: Correct. I staged this whole operation. The guards you saw were my minions. The soldiers you saw…let's just say, they're your minions now.

Ethan: I don't understand…You got the wrong guy!

Ace: I'm never wrong. And unless you retrieve your heart, you will still like this…forever.

Ethan: My…heart?

Ace: Yes. And the task I'm giving you will make use of that time. You familiar with…the Jamura?

Ethan: no…

Ace: Then get familiar. For now I must leave you here. Remember the plan, and remember this day…the day they betrayed you. Wake up from this dream world…Etna.

A flash of dark energy engulfs Ethan and he screams. Ace laughs evilly and disappears.

Fade to Black…