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Scene 5

In the cafeteria. Recruits are eating lunch. Elliot sets his tray at a table and sits down next to Page and Jason. Page is talking to Chip Eastings, another recruit who sits across from him. Jason is reading a newspaper and eating at the same time.

Elliot: What are you reading there, Jason?

Jason: Oh, just some stuff about the war going on in the mountains.

Elliot shoves a piece of bread into his mouth and turns to Jason.

Elliot: (with mouth full) Situation?

Jason: (sighs) bad as usual. The Devans have launched attacks from everywhere. There are not enough troops to push them back.

Page: (turns to Jason) the country of Devastian…that's to the west of us, right?

Jason: Uh…yes.

Page: Good. (Turns back to Chip)

Jason: To be quite honest with you, I'm kind of nervous about going to war.

Elliot: Who isn't?

Jason: I meant with these guys.

Justin: (from behind Elliot) can you two spare some room?

Elliot looks up at Justin, then back at Jason.

Elliot: Of course.

Elliot nudges a little bit to his right and lets Justin sit down. Justin looks extremely tired.

Elliot: What's happened to you?

Justin: I'm having a really bad day. Tripped over the foot of some tough guy in the showers. Now they're after me.

Jason: You mean them?

Jason nods at four large, muscular recruits walking towards them. Justin glances at the men, and then turns back around.

Justin: Crap.

The tough recruits gather around Justin, pounding their fists. Their leader, Shasta, shakes his head.

Shasta: You the punk who tripped over Everest's foot and landed on Everest's jewels?

Justin: (scared) no.

Shasta: Ha ha ha, of course not. I've heard that excuse so many times now it's not even funny.

One of the tough men, a guy named Kilimanjaro (also known as Kilin), nods his head enthusiastically.

Kilin: Yeah, not funny.

Shasta: Shut up, Kilin. I'm not talking to you.

Kilin: Oh.

Justin: I didn't mean to trip over him! It was an accident!

Shasta: (turning back to Justin) Well, shorty, let's see if your claim is true. McKinley? You were there. Did you think what this punk did was an accident?

McKinley: (shakes head and pounds fist) No, Shasta, he did it on purpose.

Shasta: Hear that? A witness says you did it on purpose. And now we gonna dish out the punishment on you.

Justin gulps.

Justin: Insurance?

Kilin: What's that?

Shasta: (scoffs) No, punk, we don't need no insurance. You're gonna get it soon, shorty. See this?

Shasta leans in closer to Justin, arm raised. You can see the muscles bulging out of his arm.

Shasta: I spent half of my entire life to get these big boys, and I'm practically dying to test them out on someone…hehehe…

Jusitn: (gulps)

Everest, McKinley and Kilin: (laughing) Huhuhuhuhu-

Sarge: What are you four doing at this table?

The four thugs turn around to face Sarge, surprised. Sarge is standing there, arms crossed, looking unimpressed.

Shasta: Uh...

He looks around dumbly.

Shasta: We're…making friends…

Sarge raises an eyebrow at Justin.

Sarge: You're making friends? With him? Out of all the people…

Shasta: Uh…we'll be going now. (To his gang) Come on, guys, let's go.

Sarge: That's right. Show your muscles off to someone else.

Shasta, McKinley, Everest and Kilin leave to stares from the entire cafeteria. Sarge leans in closer to

Sarge: Don't mind them. They may be tough, but they're as dull as thirty year-old knives.

Justin: (dryly) Thanks for the rescue.

Sarge: No problem. Just remember one thing, okay?

Justin: Remember what?

Sarge: You have latrine duty tonight.

Justin: Ugh…

Sarge chuckles, stands back up, and strolls out of the cafeteria. Elliot leans in closer to Justin and lowers his voice.

Elliot: You can't be that disappointed about latrine duty, Justin. Do you remember the shadow you saw yesterday night?

Justin: Huh?

Elliot: You know, that mysterious shadow you followed yesterday night during latrine duty.

Justin: Oh yeah…I forgot all about the shadow. I was too busy thinking about what those four brutes were going to do to me in their spare time.

Elliot: Are you serious?

Justin: Yes.

Elliot: (sighs) Jason's right. I'm getting kind of nervous at the idea of going to war with you guys.

Page: (to Chip) so then I pulled out my harpoon gun and shot the closest cannibal straight between the eyes! You should've seen the look on everybody else's faces!

Chip: (wide-eyed) All this actually happened?

Page: You bet!

Elliot: I wish I was born five years later than now.

Sarge stands up on a table and starts yelling.

Sarge: Alright, maggots! Lunch time is over! Clean up and move out! Dress behind your sergeants! Go!

Lots of noises as recruits shuffle to their sergeants. Elliot and his group of recruits throw their lunches away and line up behind Sarge. Sarge grins evilly.

Sarge: Here at Kirby Boot Camp we strive for excellence. This means you folks are going to see some action real soon. I'll explain more once we get to the site.

Recruits murmur. Elliot turns to Justin and shrugs. Justin exhales.

Fade to Black…