Shy Girl

Shy girl,

Sitting in the corner.

Doesn't talk to anyone

Doesn't have many friends.

Shy girl,

Reading her book.

Eats her lunch alone

Tucking hair behind her ears.

Never looks up

Never listens to conversation.

No boyfriend

No girlfriends.

Shy girl

Can't see that she's beautiful.

Can't see that she is wonderful.

Can't see that she can do something.

Shy girl sits there

Writing her stories

And reading her books.

Thinking she's ignored by the world

But is really ignoring the world herself.

Boys watch her

For any sign that she notices them.

Girls talk about her

Saying that she's a snob

For never talking to anyone.

Poor shy girl,

Why won't you see?

For all the shy girls out there.

--Miss Boo