A/n: Stories are better then therapy sometimes, helping one work out emotions and desires one is otherwise incapabable, (or to cowardly) to voice. This is one such short story.

Karmic Happenstance


She sat on her bed, the remnants of old tears still trickling down her face, her chest still throbbing where she was punched in the stomach by his words. She had to do something, anything, to take this pain away, or at least, to numb it.

So, she took out a brand new piece of paper, and started to write:

Today, you asked me why I seemed so depressed.

The Answer…

I found out that you were dating her. Even though I seemed to shrug it off, it did affect me; much worse then I would care to admit.

Do not get me wrong, she is my friend, and I wish you both the best, and a part of me is wondering why I am writing this. I suppose it's for my own peace of mind, ore then anything else, as I have no intention of giving this to you.

You have probably noticed this, but I have had my eye on you for quite some time. (A crush just seems so juvenile). I've never truly known if it was serious until I heard you announcing it to the world and me, that fateful lunch hour, and I felt an actual, physical pain in my chest. I guess you never know what you could have until it is swept away from you, out of your reach. But I have no intention of breaking the two of you up.

I had seriously considered asking you out before- especially after that trip to the mall- but a part of me wouldn't allow myself too. I could never get the words out of my mouth. I suppose I was waiting for the perfect moment, but it never came, that and I just couldn't get my courage up to force them out there, to let you know. I come off all brave, and fool-hardy, but it is all bravado, you see. I am actually quite withdrawn, and shy as it seems, and I believed through acting brave, I could become so. But… still, I could never find the right words, or the right timing. Even on paper like this, all well thought out and planned, each word chosen with care… I cannot fully express my thoughts, or my feelings, not as I want to.

Well, it is too late now. I missed my chance.

If you do get this, by some karmic happenstance, or I am peer pressured into putting it someplace you are sure to find it, you need not respond, in any way, shape, or form. As I have stated, this letter, of sorts, is merely for my own peace of mind.

All the best…

She neglected to sign it, instead finishing it off with a scribble. When she re-read her work, the tears had dried, and the beginning of a smile formed on her face.

She sighed, falling back on her bed, and promptly falling asleep.

While she was sleeping, the letter, still held tightly in the girl's grasp, worked itself free, the breeze pushing it along. The wind swept it off of the bed, and another gust blew it upwards and out the second-story window.

It floated for sometime, surveying the city, searching for its destination. It was on a mission from the Gods, and nothing or no one would stand in its way, and so, with a grim determination, it floated onward.

For a few nerve-racking moments, the wind died, and the note fell from its height, crashing towards the ground. Finally, at the last second, the wind picked up again, carrying itself all the way to its destination- locker 309 at the local high school.

He walked into the school, his feet dragging, tired from staying up all night, IMing his new girlfriend. He opened his locker door, noticing a piece of paper floating down. Puzzled, he bent down to pick it up.

It seemed to be a letter, with a frown forming on his face, he started to read. "Today, you asked me why I seemed so depressed…"

His frown deepened as he continued, puzzled. If she hadn't meant for this to reach him, how did it get in his locker? He pondered this for a second, his mind circling into the Netherlands of his mental plane, when suddenly the bell rang.

Hurriedly, he grabbed his things, stuffing the note into the back of his locker before running off to class.

A Month Later...

She stepped out of the school, a cool wind blowing in her face as she surveyed the parking lot, looking for her ride. She was about to step off the sidewalk and onto the pavement when a warm hand touched her shoulder.

Surprised, she whirled around, only to come face to face with him. "Hey." She said, the old butterflies shaking the dust of their wings and beginning a slow and lazy flight in her stomach cavity.

"Hey." He replied, smiling at her and her butterflies sped up. "I wanted to…" he began. "I mean-…" he stuttered, before clearing his throat. "Would you like to go out with me, sometime?"

Her heart seemed to skip a beat. "What…?" she asked, but before he could repeat himself, she blurted out. "Yes." They both smiled, just looking at each other for a moment.

"Wait…" she went on. "Aren't you dating…"

"We broke up about a week ago. Mutual differences." He replied, a nervous smile on his face.

She gave him a half-hearted smile in return. "I'm always the last to know about these things."

"Can I drive you home?" he blurted out, and she nodded, hard enough to make her believe it was going to fall off soon. He cautiously took her hand and led her to the parking lot, and she was all too willing to follow.

"So…" he said, once they reached his car. "That note you put in my locker about a month ago- did you really mean it?"

She blinked, a little fear creeping into her. "What note?"

"You know… It went something like, 'Today, you asked me why I was so depressed…'"

"Yes, I wrote that, and I meant it too," She said quickly. "But, I never put it in your locker."

It was his turn to blink. "But then… how…?"

She gave him an enigmatic smile, squeezing his hand. "Perhaps it was just… Karmic Happenstance."