-1It Suits Me

Uneducated suckers

In boxes wall to wall

These zombie mother fuckers

Just waiting for their call

The life of suit-submission

Is not what life should be

No pointless competition

Your suit just doesn't suit me

It suits me

Not to live in an office

Not to be on display

Not a live on a promise

Not a life in a cage

So don't blame me for my frustrations

You've left no route for my escape

A thousand lives of contemplations

Won't bring about an ounce of change

The praying won't bring an ounce of rain

It suits me

To break in to the office

To put it all on display

Expose your empty promise

To tear apart this cage

It suits me

To believe in

What you can't conceive and

It suits me

Not to be

Another human machine and

It suits me

Not to grieve

What could still be achieved and

It suits me

To live to take you on