Created to Be

My past
Has been released
And marks me no longer
I was never defined by my past
But my future
But until the pot shattered
I couldn't break it
The pot shattered on the carpet of the church
One shard I laid on that altar
And with that shard
My past was at the bottom of the cross
And I thank God
For making most of the past I released
A vague memory
Because without his help in healing
I could have never moved past that
Now my key and my mission
Hangs on a chain around my neck
– never will I let my king down –
Never will I e v e r be consumed by evil again
N e v e r
I gave Jesus the key to my soul
Now only he can reside in my heart
- no one else is allowed –
Without God's invite
But where light is
There's no way dark can be
It's impossible for rays of light
To occupy the same area that is dark
I m p o s s i b l e
And now I have a new author to my life
I am a new person because of it
I am learning about Him
My purpose and my calling
My past was gone the moment it stopped
And now it no longer has power
Christ is my definition
And so is eternity
Death can never have my soul
Death can never stand in my way
Life was breathed into my body
I was resuscitated the night
That I realized
I was not the only one
With a love for my Lord
With a mark from my past
That I was not the only one
Who couldn't put the shards back together
And even though duck tape is silver
Gold and silver can't solve everything
And there's no way ceramic
Can be healed by it
It has to be transformed
Into something completely new
I was marked
And shattered
But now I am being built back up
No longer held together with duck tape
- no longer -
I was free.
I am free.
And I am a ruined house
Being renovated
Slowly but surely
I will be the person that God
Created me to be.