step with care
Around midnight, just before the clock strikes twelve,
my mother scolds me for defending my integrity
1 The coach turns back into a pumpkin,
2 the beautiful lie back into the mercilessly gritty truth
3 and Cinderella tells her Prince Charming,
4 "Listen, I stole the shoes, I made up the carriage,
5 and the coachman is a dog. I know it's wrong to deceive you,
6 so I want you to know the truth, that I am, in reality, unworthy of you."
7 And fragile slippers shatter under the weight of heavy, honest feet
8 For no fairy godmother alive will wave her wand for
9 a maiden who refuses to slide her heel (gently) into the illusion
10 and keep it from breaking

11 Fine, my mother says, but don't come crying to me
12 when you don't get what you want