Playing House: Without the mommy and the daddy…

Aku: This is a side story to Heart's Chocolate. I am trying to build upon an RP that my friend is involved in. He based this character on me so I think that this is fairly accurate. Anybody other than Akito and Natuka came from me, not my friend.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…"

Akito stared wordlessly at her parent's grave after the funeral, cradling her baby brother. Both of them were gone in a blink of an eye, leaving her with Natuka, alone. He fussed and she gathered him closer, murmuring softly.

"Akito! Akito!"

Akito turned and stiffly acknowledged the middle-aged man. He ran up to her and tried to smile at her.


"Akito, how have you been?"

Akito narrowed her eyes. Her father's brother wasn't unpleasant man but they had certainly never been close. He squirmed under her gaze and mopped at his forehead.

"Ahahaha… hello there, Natuka. How are you?"

"Natuka has been fine, uncle. What would you like to talk with me about?"

The uncle laughed nervously.

"You don't pull you punches, Akito, eh? Well… you're in high school right?"

"Second year, Uncle. Why?"

"It'll be hard trying to pass and raise a brother, yes? Your aunt and I… we're not rich but we can take him in for you."

The aunt joined and smiled enthusiastically. Akito eyed them warily and gathered her younger brother more closely to herself.

"He won't ever call you mother."

"What do you…?"

She glared at them and spat, maliciously.

"He is old enough to remember. You won't ever get him to regard you as his parents. I notice you didn't offer to take me in as well."

Her relative's smiles became forced.

"Akito! Are you jealous? We'd gladly take you in as well."

"Forget it."

Akito turned and walked away from them. She forced herself to look ahead, not back at their drooping figures. If she had been a kinder person, she would have taken their childless state into account and perhaps handed him over. Fortunately, she was a selfish person and zealously guarded her possessions.

My life, my parents, my brother

"I'm sorry but now that I have a child to take care of, I do not think I can keep up with my studies any longer."

Akito strode through the grocery store, musing over the lettuce.

That was easier than I thought.

The principal had blushed at the implied message and agreed to help her find work. He had seemed disappointed in her and her choices, though. No surprise, since he lost one of his top students to a child.

"Akito! Akito!!"

Natuka ran up to Akito as she turned. He pleadingly held up a box of animal crackers.


Akito hesitated, went over their budget mentally, then nodded. He squealed with delight as he dumped it into the basket. She ruffled his hair affectionately.

Good boy

Bad boy

Akito stared down a sullen elementary school kid that Natuka had dragged home. He reeked of rebellion and hate. This was definitely not the type of person she wanted her brother to be around.

"Natuka, go get some cookies from the cabinet."

The cookies were on the top shelf, pushed to the back and it would take, even sweet-crazy Natuka, a while to get at them. As soon as he ran off to the kitchen, Akito grabbed the kid, Alex? Allen?, by the collar and lifted him.

"Hurt my brother and I'll redo God's work on you with a metal pipe."

To the kid's credit, he didn't immediately wet himself and didn't take it out on Natuka either, when he rejoined the group.

"So, what did you two do in school today?"

"Why are there weeds in the house?"

Akito stared at the potted plant that Natuka was arranging on the window.

"Akito, it's not a weed. It's a forget-me-not! Alan bought one for me!"

Akito had a sinking feeling in her gut as Natuka hummed and fussed over the plant. She knew what forget-me-nots were.

"W-why did Alan buy that for you?"

"Oh! There was a school fundraiser for sweethearts and Alan gave it to me because he said he liked me best!"

Akito felt like smacking herself.

I knew I didn't want that stupid kid around Natuka!

Honestly, what guy doesn't notice when his best friend gives him flowers?


Akito had her doubts about letting Natuka go to an all-boys school. For god's sake, that boy was a walking pheromone factory! She was so glad that Alan hadn't done anything but now another boy had picked up where Alan had left off.

Stupid drunk driver

After Akito got hit while walking across an intersection, Natuka had rushed to the hospital, puddling with tears. She had ignored the fact that he was skipping classes, glossed over his unmanly tears, and focused on his news of his school. There was an upperclassman named Rrayven and there was also some obvious attraction on Natuka's part. With her shitty luck, the other boy was also probably interested.

The stupid, meddling social worker had brought her brother to the hospital where she was after hearing about the accident. He had been bent on taking Natuka, probably to his own home, after they had been found living in the park. She heard him outside the room, assuring Natuka that he wouldn't report this.



Akito cackled as she heard him sprint out of the hospital.

"… so don't worry! I'm keeping my grades up and Rrayven and I are doing well!"

The message cut off with a giggle and whispers. Akito stared at the answering machine. Natuka had just chatted with her of his school life on the answering machine, the answering machine. She rubbed at her eyes, wearily. The past week had been hard. She had just got out of the hospital and been fired from her job because she scared the customers away.

The stitches and the bald head aren't my fault, jackass.

It was okay, though. Even after paying the considerable hospital bills, she still had some money left over in her savings to tide her over until she found the next job. Now, about Natuka… She punched the replay button.

"Rrayven and I are doing well!"

Akito winced. It sounded like a frickin' honeymoon message. Judging from the whispers, Rrayven had been there too. She banged her head on the kitchen counter and immediately regretted it. After making herself an ice pack, she mused over her brother's troublesome relationship. If he wanted to keep it a secret, he should be less obvious about it. Natuka had been a very good kid. Not much whining and a smooth transition from kid to teen without the hormones raging.

Until now.

Why couldn't Natuka's first relationship be with an equally innocent and shy girl? Akito grumbled over the thought of an older boy corrupting her baby brother.

"Hurt my brother and I'll redo God's work on you with a metal pipe."

Aku: I forgot to add that Alan and Rrayven are also real. Alan's feelings for Natuka are COMPLETELY fictional. They are the product of my weird mind. I apologize for any discomfort given to Julie, his real girlfriend. Natuka and Rrayven's relationship is… also real. You might notice that there was a transition to mostly thoughts in the last two sections. These were some of my real thoughts on Natuka and Rrayven. I got over these initial thoughts quickly and screamed my heart out like the yaoi fan I am.