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So, the first chapter ending had a mess up. Please re-read before going to chapter 2. You can just start from Cain's POV if you've already read the rest of the chapter. thanks. -N.P


Cain's POV

I was being forced to go to what was an all human academy. I, with several members of my clan and a few others, are the guinea pigs of the project. The damn elders want to see how well we cope with the humans in their world. Supposedly, their teachers of the dark arts are better than ours, but I highly doubt that. More than likely, I have a stronger and much more attuned magical ability than any of the humans in that school.

We left for our small journey to the human world and on to the Academy grounds. I found we arrived far too soon.

I walked what's known as a "pack" among humans with the rest of my demon kind. Byron, one of my closest companions stood to my right. On my left, was a female most know as Freya. She's an unearthly beauty and I had once had been her mate. I found her… too insane to keep as a mate and severed the link between us. I know she still holds that grudge, but still, she clings to my side without any hesitation. Hm. I guess you could think of her as my personal slave. Anything I ask or wish, she does my bidding, whether it's to please my every sexual fantasy, or to get me a fresh meal just because I'm too lazy. Byron though, is much like her, but I find no sexual appeal for him so, I have him bring me someone who does. He also is a very unique demon. Many legends from the human world speak of demons such as him, but they don't realize just how rare this kind of demon is. He's what's known as a Class A in our world but in their world, to simply put it, he's known as a monster.

The entire pack already had human adoring fans gazing at us with desire and lust in their eyes. Compared to them, we looked like untouchable dark gods. All of us wore black clothing of some sort whether it was leather, vinyl, or just normal black clothe; all of us wore it. In perspective, with all of us congregated like we were, we looked almost like a black cloud moving on to cast a shadow over the academy. Hm, very fitting. After we're all through with this place, there will be nothing left.

We all separated, leaving for our assigned dorms with disgust. Freya held me back for a moment though, and whispered sensually in my ear, "If you need some help… I'm in room 527. I'll be waitin' for ya babe."

I've never cared for her and just walked past. She was a good fuck, I won't deny it, but she also was a pain. She had this unending desire to dig her claw-like nails deep into my back. I hated it. If there's to be any pain, it's from me; not the random thing I decide to fuck.

I finally arrived to my dorm room. I turned the handle and walked inside. I didn't even notice the human on the other side of the room, but I did notice how drab and bland the room was. I saw the empty bed and claimed it as mine immediately. I waved my hand in a quick fluid motion and my suitcases materialized in the room and started to unpack themselves, the clothes flying neatly in the closet, being either hung up or folded and placed on one of the shelves. My school books flew out afterwards and arranged themselves neatly in the corner of the closet and my empty suitcases followed. The white walls bothered me to a point that I wasted my magic on redecorating. Black silk curtains materialized over the windows and the walls darkened to black, then several famous demon rock band posters placed themselves over different places on the wall until finally I was satisfied, and then lastly, the bed darkened to black silk with red linings and a gold trim. It was like being in my own room again, and I finally felt more-or-less, at home, until I finally noticed the human cowering in the corner of the room, "Fuck, I'm sharing a room with a damn human? Who does the fuckin' head guy of this damn place think he is? Shit…" I paused for a moment and regained my composure, then turned back to him,

"The name's Cain. Who're you?"


...He lived in extravagance...


Ryeu's POV

I never had the need to go to any school orientation. It was more like a waste of time to me, really; especially with my classes being totally rearranged because of a pack of Demons. Yes, I had signed up to be in that class. I wasn't afraid of them. I was one of the nicer humans that actually wanted their kind to get along with my kind. One of those 'peaceful' humans that wouldn't mind mixed classes as long as no one got killed.

The room was rather plain. Like a college dorm for normal Humans who had no special abilities. I liked those kinds of dorms; actually I wish I could go to a normal school and forget about magic completely. It was a waste of time, especially when I can do things just fine without spells and enchantments. I shook my head as I unpacked all my things by hand. Books on the shelf, sheets on the bed, school books on the desk, clothes in the closet or on the shelf. I sighed gently as I finished and soon zipped up my suitcases to shove them under my bed. It was then that my dorm mate walked in.

I turned around to greet him but was completely surprised to see that I was paired with a... Demon. My eyes seem to go wide as he changed everything on his side of the room and I backed up against my bed. My hand went behind me to press against the bed so I wouldn't fall back. Legs giving out so I was sitting on my bed watching him change everything to black. Black on black on black... black-black-black-black-black.

Was it even safe to dorm with a Demon? Was the headmaster in his right-fucking-mind? It's not like I'm prejudice...I just don't want to get eaten up in the middle of the night. I twitch gently when he's finished, my pale hand rising to push back my crimson colored red hair. One thick streak of white running down the right side as my bangs were frosted with the color. It wasn't dyed or anything either. I gave a heavy sigh as he turned around and then spoke to me.

"The name's Cain. Who're you?"

I wasn't afraid. No, but I could feel the breath I was breathing in moments ago get stuck in my throat. My voice had left me and it gave me an almost panicked look. I ran my hand over my mouth gently before I was able to stutter out my name.

"R..Ryeu." I gave myself a smack in the head mentally, I had sounded weak, hadn't I? It didn't matter; it didn't matter at all because the next thing I knew he was laughing. Laughing out loud like a maniacal monster. I flinched, and I knew he saw it because he gave a smirk and stepped closer to me. I had to admit, I was a little afraid. It's not like the Demon in front of me had a polite look or anything. I had the right to be just a bit afraid.

He was speaking again, his voice smoothly escaping his mouth as if it was a real bother to talk. As if he had something better to do. "I'll lay down some rules now. This room stays clean." His finger came up to motion the dorm room we were both standing in. He continued, "Don't wake me up. Ever. And, if you bring someone up here to fuck, don't. This room already reeks of sex from years ago and I don't need to smell anything new. Got it? And lastly, I'm not gonna eat ya. My friend Byron can help you there." he then smirked and turned around, and I sat on the bed for a couple seconds thinking of how inconsiderate it would be to bring someone up here to fuck while having a roommate. No, I wasn't that inconsiderate... in fact, I would probably never bring anyone up here to fuck. I was not the fucking type of person. I gave his back a tiny glare. I wasn't rude enough to give him a full one, yet.

I decided to get off my bed and look around for my schedule so I can see which classes I have first, but this was a bad decision. He seemed to want to play with me more and quickly had me up against the wall. My breath was once again caught and my heart skipped a few beats as I tried to disappear against the wall. For a moment I thought I was scared, genuinely scared. But that wasn't the problem, no I was more surprised than anything, my plain brown eyes looking up to his rather mystical, glowing amber eyes. I bit my bottom lip as his face slowly got closer, our lips almost touched. I think he was trying to make me nervous on purpose and it was taking all my might to clench my fist and hold them at my sides.

"Ya understand... human?"

I was flushed as he spoke, trying to hold my frustration in so I wouldn't shove the other back. If I was even strong enough for that considering what the other was. I managed to stammer out an, "Okay. I got it. Okay. Okay."

He backed off after I said that and I gave a great sigh as my hand fingers loosened at my sides and my ears listened to him walk back to his side of the room. By the time I looked up, he was changing shirts... if what he was wearing was even considered a shirt. Black fishnet now covered his torso and his nipple ring was glinting at me from between the space. My fingers gently went up to my own nipple as I imagined just how much that must have hurt. I cringed gently as he spoke again. He seemed to do a lot of talking.

"One last rule. If I bring someone to fuck up here, leave. I don't care what the fuck you're doing, but when I want to fuck someone, this room becomes mine. Don't worry, you won't smell a thing." he then chuckled and grabbed a set of books; leaving the room to go to his first class.


I couldn't believe I was roomed up with an insensitive jerk Demon like him. I hated him already with his bad ass Demon attitude. Why couldn't he get a nice Demon that wouldn't intimidate him on the first day? I sighed irritably. I was now walking down the dorm steps wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. Around my wrist I had several black bracelets on and on my feet simple black shoes. Hanging around my chest was my black messenger bag that was holding all of my books for the day. Not very many considering what was taught here was more on lectures and shows than books.

I'm not heading to class just yet. I had to go pick up my best friend, Ivy, from our usual meeting spot. I knew she'd be there before me, and as I turned the corner of the building and see the mini-cafe that was on campus, I saw her and her green self.

I must've caught her eye because she turned around and smiled brightly while waving over to me, "Ryeu! Hurry up! We have to get to class!"

I sighed as I ran to catch up with her and instead of heading off, she hugged me tightly. This was the first time we had seen each other since school had started up again. Of course, when she pulled away she looked the same as usual. Green make-up and black leather pants, her lips were even shining and I knew exactly what she was wearing, Venom Lip gloss. 'Tingles with every kiss!' I knew, because the day she bought that lip gloss... she needed a test subject and what better test subject than her in-the-closet best friend.

She took my arm and then quickly started tugging me towards class. I smiled gently, walking with her at her pace because I knew she wouldn't slow down if I wanted to take my time. While we walked into the main building, she was yakking away about her summer vacation. Talking about wild parties at camp, and what she had learned to make magic much easier for her. I just quietly walked beside her, nodding as she spoke. Smiling as she laughed, and replying when was needed.

It was like this all the way to class, and once inside the room. We took our usual seats-- her's obviously scooted closer to mine-- and she just continued to talk. Not caring that the Demons and Humans that had already arrived were starring at us because of our rather... gossipy entrance.


but humans despised him...


Cain's POV

I knew he hated me, and I'll admit, I relished in it. I hate humans and everything they stand for. I hate them for many reasons, but mostly, I hate them for their stupidity. They know nothing. Their history books and sciences, all lies. Even their practice of magic is so amateur. They are nothing. Worthless. He's like the rest of them. Lambs in the flock. He will be my first victim.

I walked into the class and saw that my roommate was in the same class as me. He was chatting with a beautiful human girl that many of the humans seemed to be attracted to. From the looks of my roommate's body language, the girl he's sitting next to is his best friend and this gives me just the opportunity!

I sat in the empty chair directly next to the beautiful girl. She saw me and I could see the fear in her eyes, but I don't want her to fear me, I want her to fall in love with me. That childish emotion not really heard of in the Demon World. This was getting to be all too easy.

I flashed her one of my seductive grins, my fangs peeking over my bottom lip. I motioned her to come closer with one of my fingers and without her bidding, her chair slid closer to mine. I could see my roommate about to protest, and I made sure that she wouldn't notice him by whispering in her ear, "Even with all my demon friends joining us, your beauty stood out and I couldn't help but find out who you were…"

She took the bait so quickly and easy. I used such a pathetic line and she still started to fall for me immediately. She blushed and let out a small giggle, murmuring a small embarrassed thank you. I continued to seduce her with a little easy small-talk that humans seem to fancy, "The name's Cain and… I'm obviously new to the human world. Maybe you could give me a small tour to show me what this place's like?"

She just nodded slowly a small yes and I smiled lightly, captivating her a little more and talked little nonsensical lines to seduce her small mind little by little. It was so easy. I already had her so wrapped around me, that not a soul could get her attention at this point. She's mine. From that small glance on Ryeu's face, he noticed her sudden lust for me and now loathed me. I'll make sure that soon he'll want me dead. For now, I'll just tease that unintelligent mind of his until he feels like he's going to die.

Humans and demons partnered a like as more of them filed in to the class, but only one student was left without a partner, my roommate. Then, my friend Byron walked in. He still had that cocky way of walking and he immediately sat next to him. I knew that the torture of my roommate had just begun and this would be a lot more fun with him to add to the torture. Byron must have known he was my target and grabbed his pen to get his attention and said with just a hint of menace in his voice, "Hey little human. You're my partner so whatever demon ya got hidin' around to be yours…" he paused for a moment, I guess to add some fear to his little statement, "tell him to fuck off."

I could see Ryeu slightly roll his eyes and I smirked, decided to sweeten the cruelty going to be in store and whispered a very crude suggestion in his best friend's ear who I found out was named Ivy. She had blushed so crimson that he couldn't help but notice. Then our teacher assigned us to be in groups of four for a project, assigning my roommate, Byron, Ivy, and me as one of them. Perfect.

Just to show off, I had my entire group get up and then I wrapped my arms around Ivy, using one of her hands and making a slow fluid motion so that our desks and chairs came together to make a neat square for us to sit at and socialize. Just that small bit was enough to make Ivy melt in my arms and lean in to me. She didn't want me to let go, but I did, and teased her slightly by slowly letting my arms rub against her body before I let go. She sighed heavily and sat down in the chair next to me, Byron and my roommate sitting across from us.

His face looked relatively calm, but his eyes were ablaze and that made me smirk inwardly. I constantly leaned over and whispered any cheesy human line I could think of to make her squirm in her chair, and I knew Byron understood his roll in the entire plot. That's when he finally chimed in, "If you keep telling her those damn cheesy lines I'll fuckin' kill ya Cain!"

Byron then decided to make some small talk, and soon, they agreed that Ryeu would give him a tour. It was so simple and easy! Everything was coming to plan so well that I was a little unsure if it was all true. Ah, soon Byron will have his fill, and I will have mine.


...He had one desire...