Here in my Heart

I see the white foam
at the tips of curling waves
I see blues and greens
Grains of sand being made
I see shells and smile
Because my grandmom loved them too
She would paint these scenes
And collect these shells
before worn into more grains
along the coast
she would paint storms
and beautiful nature
she loved it probably as much as my poppy
if not more
and not only did she paint
but she had a passion
she would study the artists on t.v.
and copy their strokes
then create her own masterpiece and smile
when I see the ocean
and water ripple
I will think of my grandmom
a person of passion
and talent
creativity and family
I loved her and I miss her
I haven't seen her in years
But she is still in my heart
And my mind
From the time I was three
until the time I was eight
She helped my mother raise me
she was about the only safe person to talk to
and watch the artists with
she marveled at the ice skaters
and tennis players
she cooked soup for us after she was done watching her shows
and she'd make me laugh
I'll always remember her big glasses
and the air conditioned room
where she always be on a summer day
I'll remember her in a glass of milk
and on a swing
I'll remember her in wild patterns
and in flower buds
I'll remember her in ice cream
and in a vast ocean
I'll remember her in sea foam
and I'll remember her in a ripple of water
I'll remember her through the last memories of her
while I was on my knees crying because of her death
God spoke to me
And although she wasn't there in flesh
I know that her spirit was smiling
at the change that God made in me
and the unity that he brought
through her absence.
Reflections will be everywhere
because although she's not here in person
she's here in my heart.