Chapter One: One Night Risk and Proper Gentlemen

A one night stand. Keira Landen thought the option over in her mind. It wasn't like the shy, responsible redhead to even contemplate an affair. Her stepmother's ugly words echoed in her mind while the feeling of loneliness that once comforted her suffocated her.

"What's on your mind?" Luke Storm asked as he sat down next to her. She looked at her brother's best friend. Gorgeous didn't even begin to describe the six-foot body of muscles. He had the bluest eyes that many females had fallen for. She just shrugged lightly. "No share and tell? Here I am bored out of my mind." He teased lightly. Luke and Keira had known each other since Keira's overprotective brother Brent befriended him in the first grade.

"What happened to your date?" Keira made an effort to locate the bleach blonde bimbo Luke had brought as his date. She was chatting it up with an older guy.

"She got bored of me." Luke said.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm not. She couldn't form two complete sentences without the word 'dude'." Luke said seriously. Keira laughed.

"You poor thing. Maybe you should try to date someone who doesn't laugh at your every joke." She remarked teasingly.

"Are you saying my jokes aren't funny?" Luke said in fake shock.

"Like they are." She remarked sarcastically as she took a drink of her beverage.

"I'm hurt." He stated as he bent closer to her.

"What can I do to make it better?" She asked. Keira knew she was drunk. She became drunk very easily. Their playful bantering wasn't uncommon. When they were younger Luke had went to get lengths to tease her. Now thirty it was hard for him to resist the urge.

"A kiss." He whispered. God help me. She is Brent's little sister! He tried to think rationally while Keira attempted to think irrationally. Her lips touched his before she could think of the consequences.

After all what would one kiss hurt?


She stumbled over Luke's dog Jake as they entered Luke's house. Luke caught her. "Oh, hi, Jake. How have you been?" The golden retriever tackled the pair of them as Keira laughed. Frenzied he licked Keira.

"Down, dog. That's my job!" Luke fought the dog off and pulled Keira up.

"Your job is to lick me?"

"No, my job is to kiss you."

"Oh, really?" She remarked with one eyebrow raised.

He kissed her.

"Mmm. . . I guess so." She murmured as he carried her up to his bedroom.

Worse things can happen to a girl than spending the night with sexy bachelor Luke Storm in bed. Too bad it wasn't his worst enemy Darren Wood that Keira actually had a crush on.


He was feeling way too good to feel guilty about bedding his best friend's twenty-one year old sister. Luke kissed her forehead. She smiled and ran her fingers across his cheek that had beard stumble. "My head hurts." She murmured sleepily.


"I'm hung over, silly. Alcohol doesn't agree with me. Remember the time I barfed on your shoes because of my little friend called alcohol?" She reminded softly.

Luke groaned. "What? Are you afraid I have one of those crazy crushes on you? I don't. I never had a crush on you." She giggled.

"Brent. Brent. Your big brother. The one who will kill me if he ever finds out about this!" Luke exclaimed. "Especially since you were drunk off your pretty little butt when we slept together."

"If you don't stop talking so loudly I'll help Brent kill you!" She exclaimed.


"I don't want a case of 'the guilts', idiot. Was I that bad?" She asked in annoyance as she sat up. She was unaware of the fact have her body was exposed, but Luke definitely was well aware of that fact.

"No. You're the best I've ever had." He whispered. Her bare skin made him forget about her being Brent's sister instead he was reminded of the night they had shared.

"You're just saying that because I lost my virginity to you." She said with a sigh.

"No, I'm not. I'm serious. I don't lie." Luke argued.

"So are we calling this a one-night stand?" She asked while she ran her fingers through her red hair and her creamy white skin was exposed. Keira didn't seem upset. He kissed her again.

"Are you nuts? Only one night? I need this for more than one night." He whispered in her ear. "Especially if I am going to be killed by your brother."

There hadn't been any more thoughts after that.


Later she replayed the words over in her mind as she distractedly entered the apartment she shared with two of her scientific colleagues. "Oh, my! Oh, my!" Ruby Lang exclaimed at the sight of her. "What kind of bad have you been up to, Keira Lane Day?"

"Oh, Ruby." She collapsed. She sat next to her thirty-year-old co-worker as she let out a longing sigh.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Her other roommate twenty-five year old Kent Bradley asked as he walked into the room. "Oh, did you finally get laid? But by the wrong guy?"

"Only the hottest bachelor around and the man who swore he would never ever fall in love. He told me this when he was seventeen and then he announced on television just yesterday that he would never fall in love and/or get married." Keira said with a sigh.

"Luke Storm!" They both yelled. Then the doorbell rang. The trio raced to answer the door. Ruby won.

"Is there a Keira Day here?" The deliveryman asked.

"This is she." Keira said. He handed over a package and a bouquet of lilies. She signed for it. Before she shut the door Kent had the package opened.

"The Storm Hangover Remedy." He presented the bottle.

Ruby read the card, "I hope next time I don't have to get you drunk. Hope you feel better by tonight because I'm insisting on taking you out. Luke."

"Oh, honey. Too bad relationships don't last long with Luke Storm." Kent remarked sympathetically.

"I never should have ruined a decent friendship by sleeping with him. It's just about sex with him!" Keira exclaimed.

"You poor thing." Both of her friends murmured in unison.

"What should I do? Should I break it off now? Or wait until he breaks it off in one week like his usual M.O.?" Keira asked.

"I don't know." Ruby said. "I guess you should enjoy it while it lasts."

That was the plan until Luke demolished it with his big mouth.


"So are you going to remain a bachelor forever?" Reporter Sally Sue asked Luke Storm on live television.

"Yes, I am. I'm not getting married." He stated. Keira noted he looked gorgeous as he did the night before. She sighed a bit as she pondered if her one nightstand was a good idea.

"What if you are in love?"

Luke laughed like the thought of love was ridiculous.

"If I ever fall in love I will parade in front of this very camera while wearing only a coconut bra and a hula skirt." Luke promised. Luke never backed down on his promises. Keira smiled. She wanted to see that.

She knew then that she would make him fall in love if not with her than someone else just so he would have to make good on that promise.

"So you don't believe in love?" The reporter asked.

"I'm afraid I'm a nonbeliever despite how many people have tried to persuade me." He asked.

"So tell us about your current girlfriend?"

"I doubt she would appreciate that." He said. He was talking about Keira. Keira almost fell over.

"But you always dish the dirty details on your romantic relationships!" The reporter protested.

"This one's special." Luke stated. Keira's heart almost stopped. She didn't like the effect those words had on her.

"And you're not going to fall in love?" The reporter mocked which prodded a button in Luke. It made him want to make sure everyone understood that he would never fall in love.

"Let's just say I don't want her brother to kill me." He remarked. Then the show was over. When he stepped off the show Brent Landen (Luke's PR person, business partner, and best friend; Keira's big brother) landed a punch that knocked Luke over.

"You were talking about Keira!" He exclaimed loudly. People were staring. The show probably wished they had the cameras rolling right then. Luke hauled outside before it got worse in front of people. The watchers were smart enough not to follow.

"Yes, I was talking about Keira." Luke admitted.

"When?" Brent whispered. He was upset. He had always thought his best friend was the one guy (besides gay ones) that Keira could trust. He knew his little sister had some problems with guys hitting on her. She didn't like when they did.

"Last night."

"Please, not a one night stand." Brent knew his friend too well to know it was any different. The look on Luke's face gave it away. Brent hit him again. "What? Your regulars were too busy?" Luke didn't raise a hand to defend himself as his best friend tried to pummel him.


Keira stepped outside to get her mail and find cameras flashing in her face. "Tell us about your relationship with Luke Storm!" One of them exclaimed. "Tell us how he is in bed!" Another crude one remarked. "How long have you been dating?" One called out. "How does Brent feel about it?"

She ducked back inside. She forgot about the mail. The only thing she could think was 'I'm going to kill Luke and my brother'.

The moment she arrived at their office where both of them were sitting while glaring at each other. She slammed shut the door, which caused both of them to look in surprise. "You just had to involve me in the middle of this! Idiots. I am not speaking to each one of you until both of you learn how to act like proper gentlemen. That would be hard since you can't even act like proper men." She addressed both of them. Then she turned to Luke with her eyes blazing, "Thanks for the memories even if they weren't that good."

She left the office. She didn't want the press hounding her. She had thought at least Luke wouldn't go public about their relationship, but she wasn't even right about that.

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