The doctors found that Luke had a tumor growing in his brain that effected his actions. He was really all in his head. They cut it out and it was supposed to make him like he used to be. He apologized a thousand and three hundred times to everyone for his actions. He was eventually forgiven. With some pushing from Brent, Keira, and Darren, Luke and Andy got together. Luke's homophobic parents weren't thrilled that their golden child was crazy and gay so they ended up renouncing Luke as a son.

Keira's stepfather was incarcerated for money laundering. Andy was the arresting officer. Darren, Luke, and Andy had made a "friendly visit" before his arrest. The man wouldn't be beating up anyone any time soon. Keira had chewed them out for a week for Andy using his authority to put her step dad behind bars and them for beating him up. She secretly cheered them on, but she would never admit to it.

Keira and Darren's wedding in Hawaii had to be pushed up much to their wedding planner's Andy dismay because Keira was pregnant with Luke's child from their one-night stand. Only Luke, Keira, Darren, and Andy knew about that. Everyone else assumed the kid was Darren's.

It was decided Darren would act as dad and Luke would act as uncle along with Brent and Andy. Things were awkward to say the least, but they survived.

The beach was gorgeous on their wedding day. Keira wore a white sundress. The best man was Andy, of course. The groomsmen were Brent and Luke. The sun burned brightly in the sky as Keira felt the soft sand squish under her feet as she made her Bridal March down the aisle in between the family that had attended her wedding.

Keira's mother and Darren's mother were sobbing uncontrollably. Darren's father sat stone-faced. Her father gave her away and took his seat.

Brent, Andy, and Darren were wearing white shirts with khakis pants. The waves crashed from the ocean, which was brilliant blue. Luke wore his hula skirt and coconut shell bra because he was getting married to Andy and had to keep his promise. It was a hilarious sight to say the least.

Keira and Darren were married. Keira gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Andrea seven months later.

The two couples had their happy endings.


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