don't condemn my mother
her bottle was her escape and her life
her jealousy was beating her body
her tissue box was running low
so don't condemn my mother for hurting me
she was just hurt, too
so for this reason I can forgive her

don't condemn my male oppressor
he had been abused by his father
and looked down upon
compared to his brother for his life
((not feeling good enough))
so don't condemn him for hurting me
he was just hurt, too
so for this reason I can forgive him

when I speak of my past
it no longer stings
((it's over))
my past just defines my calling
a battle to rebuild the broken
without strings and chains
to make a genuine change in them.
to teach about love and life.
that is my calling.

so please never condemn those that created my past
without my past, I wouldn't be me
I wouldn't have my calling or know
don't condemn them or hurt them
it was part of God's plan and purpose
in my life

don't condemn them,
pray for them
hug them and cry for them
never hurt them
let them know that they are loved
maybe that's what they need
to be released from their own hurt.
whatever you do
don't condemn them