My Suicide

If only I hadn't made the choices I did when I did. I had taken the pills with little thought then called 911. The ambulance arrived taking me away all when my mom was away taking a month-long vacation with my step dad. The doctors couldn't reach any of my family since they were all dead. What did I care? I had never really meant to kill myself it was only a plea for attention. I, in fact welcomed the pain. I loved it more then I loved myself. The doctor is talking to me but I am in a trance, I don't hear anything. What I know is that even from the quick action the doctors took, my life was slipping away faster then sand from open fingers. Darkness and haziness of clarity begin to take over and I slip into a deep sleep, never to wake.

As I fall in a world unknown, I see my family. They are sitting on chairs behind a translucent veil. "Mom," I cried trying to move forward but my feet were too heavy and I tripped. Looking down I saw chains. "Honey you don't belong up here with us. You killed yourself and know you are condemned to the fiery deaths of Hell."

"That is right," an overpowering voice from behind me spoke.

I turned to see a man in the clouds, God.

My teeth grind in anger and as an open my mouth to speak red cold fire erupts around me in a perfect circle and I fall though. I don't have a chance to say good bye as I plunge through. It was like last time, not being able to say goodbye to my parents. That is another reason of My Suicide, to say goodbye.

A/N: I know it seems a bit choppy but this was a quick write. Thank you for reading.