Simple Things

Women of faith
I used to find rarely
But I find that you are one of the strongest
That I've ever known
I am amazed how even in the slightest things
Like stores to shop at
And beaches to go to
How you see God
I am amazed that you hear God tell you to do things
Every day
And how you can look at the clock
And by what time of day it is,
Say where God is in your life
I am amazed by your ability to hear
And how much you rely on His guidance
I am so proud of you
For your attitude
Despite where you are in your own life
And the struggles you are facing
You have grasped that our God is the God of Job
The one that gives and takes away
I am so amazed by the way you worship
Smiling and crying
And how your life is based
On where God is telling you to go
Through each and every step.
I love you
And pray that you will always see God
In simple things
And I pray that I begin to model you,
As iron sharpens iron
And I will, too, begin to see God in life
Through such simple things.