I felt your tears at the tips of my fingers,
endless and needy,

the grass is cold beneath my feet,
and you stand in front of me,
there is only us,
but you ignore me,

in a world so thoughtless,
how can anyone be in love,
I'd give you my heart,
and let you destroy it,
for your words to stay forever,
in my memory,
because they are all that assures me.

Sit in front of a blank screen,
as if in the blacknees.
there will be answers,
monsters hiding in truth,
green and grabbing.

your voice is rattled,
torn, with all the things.
you hide,
don't you?
don't you?

I remember those eyes,
staring, breathing,
shocking and passive,
they grab me and swallow me whole,
overused and misunderstood.