"How's your heart today"
Nobody ever asks but here is the answer,
Needy and blurred,
gasping and desperate and aching,
fogged and muted.

Everything a heart should not be.
everything a heart should not feel, ever.

And when I think about things I regret,
I know.
Its not so much I regret them,
its that I would have done it all differently,
I was blind when I was younger.

But maybe that's what happiness does to you. Maybe it makes you blind.

I am the cause of my own heart break.
Everything I do is a mistake.
Every breath is an error,
every heart beat is a pain in my head thatdoesntgoaway.

Living in such desolate times,
when the only exciting thing.
is the carbon monoxide detector,
telling you to evacuate,
but all you care about is shutting it off andgoingbacktosleep.

My defenses are stolen,broken,
but I don't care,
I am fighting, dying by wooden sword,
blood spilled, and blood returned.