The Greater Jihad

I try to be nice everyday,

I try to help people on their way,

I smile to every person I pass,

I hope I won't be late for class,

I supplicate to God each time,

I sit and pray to the most sublime,

I study my hardest, I try my best,

I care and look out for the rest,

I kiss my parents every night,

I often try to avoid a fight,

My temper is not the best of me,

But still, I control it ruthlessly,

I give a coin to each beggar I see,

And wish him well so pleasantly,

Everyday I pray that I will be,

A better Muslim for humanity,

And that is what I know is right,

I believe, firstly, in my own plight,

So when I hear, on the TV,

That fellow Muslims, just like me,

Committed suicide, in the name of Islam,

Died to kill a non-Muslim man,

I wonder if they were perfect men,

Perfect enough to stand on Big Ben,

And declare that they were free of flaws,

Confident enough to meet God's Laws.

Indeed, it is Jihad to defend one's land,

To defend the people and Islam,

But the Greater Jihad is to be a Muslim,

To love Allah and to obey Him,

To better oneself and be kind to others,

Consider them as your sisters and brothers,

To be kind and be nice to everyone you meet,

To help every person living in your street.

Killing non-Muslims is not your Jihad,

To consider it so, is quite sad,

I try to be nice everyday,

I try to help people on their way,

I smile to every person I pass,

I hope I won't be late for class.

This is the Greater Jihad...

Definitions of Jihad:

- "From the verb jahada, to struggle. Effort or striving in God's path. When it refers to the individual effort to conquer himself or passions, it is called greater jihad. When it refers to the communal effort at a defensive war against the enemies of Islam, then it is called lesser jihad. A person who wages jihad is called a mujahid." - geocities website

- "This is an Arabic word meaning exertion, struggle, or strife. In Islam, jihad is the struggle for the faith. It can manifest on the outer, as holy war, or on the inner, as the spiritual process. The latter is known as the Great Jihad. Note that the Arabic word ISLAM means submission or surrender to the Will of God, which is the very essence, the means and the end, of every True path or tradition. ..." - zoofence website

- "(literally "struggle" or "striving"). Although this word is often translated as "holy war," it has a broader meaning than warfare on the battlefield. Any act of striving to please Allah may be described as jihad." - usc website