In My Dreams

in my dreams,
I can touch your face
I see your caring eyes
I can feel the holy presence
from the depths of your soul

in my dream you are incredible
you're light the brightest ever
but as soon as I wake up,
you are not there anymore
you were simply the oxygen I exhaled
the empty tissue box beside my bed
the empty contact entry in my phone
you are not real

you are a fairytale
a book, simply a dream
a cloud in the sky
unattainable, untouchable
fading, and never staying
bipolar like the sky
((gone with the wind))

you are the water that I drink
the hope that I am stuck on
something that will never happen
((at least I hope not))

I refuse to be hurt again
to let a guy control my life
((even if he is God sent))

you are the unwritten story
you are my future love
you are my future hurt
((goodness, I hope not))

you are a broken pen I can not write with
you are an unrealistic goal
you are a future I won't have
a dream I can not let come true

you are the rose left unpicked
the past left untouched
the words I hope God will never write
((unless you are in his outline))

sleep, be released from me
let this shadowy figure go away
help me to stop seeing
this amazing dream guy

this guy is unreal
or at least for years
so hide behind the filing cabinets
deep within my soul
and don't come out again
until the time is right
and I can handle love again.