For a Purpose

Hand in hand we kneeled
At the altar
Praying in our own ways
For the things God laid on our hearts
Keys in our hands
Ready to give them to God
And let him direct our every step

Four days
And a friendship grew
One that could be
- unshakable -
Formed by God
((yes, it was part of His plan))

He was teaching unity
And family
Without being family
We will never succeed
In completing this war
((at least if we want to win))

So hand in hand I'll stand again
On my knees in tears
To see God's face
To make a friend

And I can guarantee one girl will read this
And understand
And know who she is

In four days,
A friendship was made
And burdens were bared
((for each other))

We love each other
And cry together
Because of the Lord
We came together
And I can say with confidence
We are best friends
((for a purpose))