And I still wonder how I can still love you

After you promised not to break my heart

After you promised to never hurt me

Do you remember those promises that you made to me in vain?

& sometimes when I look in the mirror

I can see your face and it haunts me

But I can see you inside of me and it hurts the most

I see the innocence you stole from me

& I can't tell the difference anymore between who I was and what you made me be

What ever happened to who I used to be?

I used to be so strong

(Key words: Used to)

I was strong because you made me whole again

You were my other half

You completed me

You were the only thing that could make my troubles fade

& I just wish you could have saw me in that way

Even though you said you did, I knew you were lying

& I wonder if you ever even miss me

If you ever even think about me

If you remember our conversations

How you would make me smile like no other

And how you used to make me smile

Remember how beautiful you said I was…

Did that mean nothing to you?

Was using me your true intentions?

How could I have been so blind?

& I remember my heart skipping a beat when you would sign on

And how for once in my life, I truly felt loved and accepted

But that was all a lie wasn't it?

Now crying is second nature to me

It takes away the pain of talking to you & how degraded you make me feel

Even though the pain comes back quickly

Because loving you was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with

You were my Protector remember?

Remember telling me how much you cared

And how much you loved me

How could you lie to me like that?

Now all I do is cry for you

& I miss you more than anything

& I love how even after all the stuff you do to me…

I still love you more than anything

And I hope that you arefucking happy

Because you made me fall in love with you

& I fell so hard

Loving you was my best and worst mistake

And your love with be the death of me

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