Don't Make Me Cry

don't make me cry
you finally made me trust
I will give you my heart to hold
and my love to keep

I will not "fall for you"
this time
I am looking for a friend
not a cd of broken lies

I will hand you my notebook
letting you read and write my life
but don't you dare rip out the pages
or make me have to through tears

my healthy spirit of fear is fading
my trust is already given away
I think you've proved to me enough
that I can trust you

and even if the thought is wrong
and you are an false act
the stars will still shine
and the moon will still be there
nothing will truly change

and even if I never believe
and I should have
that would be okay
because whether I want to believe it or not
the carpet covers the ground
I can feel it. I can see it
but if I am stupid enough not to believe it,
it will still be there

and if I believe that the ground is invested with bacteria
and choose not to walk on it,
it doesn't change the fact that it's clean
it just means that I chose not to believe
what I wasn't positive was clean

so for this reason I will trust you
because for once you are at least translucent
even if you are not fully transparent like Paul
you are close enough for me to believe

I believe that the carpet is beneath my feet
and you are true
but I will never fall in love
until I can fully see through

you will be my friend
and my mystery
the footprints on the moon
the thing I can not touch
but I know is there

you will be my thought
my curiosity, my dream

so don't make me cry
when you finally made me trust.