Fuck this world.

Fuck that girl.

Fuck my life

that's in a swirl.

Fuck a gun.

Fuck a knife.

I'll use my hands

to end my life.

Fuck this place.

Where can I go?

Fuck Heaven's gates.

I'll go down below.

The Devil and I

will get along better.

I fucking hate life

as I write this letter.

Fuck this bag

as it seals tight.

I see something bright.

Fuck that light.

I'll say it again,

fuck the gates of Heaven.

But I hear someone talk

they say it's April, eleventh.

The day I woke up

from when I saw death.

The same day I woke up

and took my first breath.

A three month coma

to a Hell, so black.

Now I no longer sin

cause I don't wanna go back.