the wind is my hair dryer
my tear dryer
my wonder and my meditation
it blows me away

it keeps me from crying
from hurting
the wind is my protector
((it carries me))

it is my tissue box
my cup of coffee
((it keeps me alive
and feeling without pain))

serene, tranquil
carries the scent of life
colors and beauty
transported with every molecule
that it is made of

b. e. a. u. t. i. f. u. l.
is the wind
the real life example of faith
God touching my face
((his way of saying he's here))

I can not see it
but I can feel it
and although I can't hold it in my hand
I just know it is there
ready to heal me
and help me

the wind
is God's way of saying hello
saying he's here
through the struggles below.