You Kidnapped Me!

by Lerene

Summary: I have been kidnapped and I'm being held for ransom. What's worse? I have a crush on the man that kidnapped me. What the hell is wrong with me?

Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Humor

Rating: M

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting what so ever!

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Chapter 1

So here we are. Where's here you may ask. Well I'll tell you where.

I have no. Fucking. Clue!

You ever been there?

I'm laying on some hard, cold piece of floor all tied up. Tied up! There is an agonizing cramp in my neck and my wrists and legs are fast asleep due to how tight the duck tape is. My poor finger's going numb and losing feeling. I'm just in one horrible mess.

You may wonder why I'm like this. Maybe you're thinking I have some really mean friends. Or that I'm some type freak in the bedroom and I went home with some random guy from a club.

If you thought any of those things then you would be soooooo wrong!

I'm like this because some jackass kidnapped me. One minute I was walking down the street minding my own business and then in the next, someone grabbed me and threw me face first into a seat of a car. It was in some type of SUV with black leather seats. The leather stuck to my cheek and when I tried to sit up, a large body fell on top of me causing the hard metal of the seat belt to stab me in the shoulder. I don't know what exactly happened after that because I was out cold soon after.

Now I'm awake, but blind because a blindfold was put over my eyes. My wrists and ankles are taped behind my back with my feet pulled back so they can be tied to my wrists. I was hog tied which is Very painful by the way. I feel like a pretzel. No, a tire. I don't know. Something circular.

I have no idea where I am because of the blindfold. All I have are my other senses to go by in hopes of figuring things out. First thing, I know that I'm laying on what I believe to be a hard wood floor, a cold, hard wood floor. Another thing I notice, is that there is a light pine smell to the air. There's also an unpleasant smell that's hard to figure out. The area around me doesn't seem to be that big.

So someone kidnapped me. But why? And why me? Do they want money? If they do, I don't really have any and there is no chance that my father would pay. I sigh at the thought. My father has a good amount of money, but he won't spend a dime. Oh yeah, said father is a stepfather, I have no clue who my real father is.

If these guys don't want money, then, what do they want? A shudder just went down my spine as an idea came to mind. Hopefully not that. Hopefully they don't want me as a sex slave. I don't think I could survive if I was put through that type of life.

Doesn't my life suck? And you don't even know the half of it.


Now I'm bored. I've been here who knows how many hours. A lot of hours, I'll tell you that.

Why am I bored? What girl in their right mind would be bored when they're kidnapped? I should be trying to plot how I'm going to escape this place. Although it's kind of hard to do that when you don't know much about the place your at. I have no idea what my nose and ears are telling me about this place. When I get the blindfold off, I'll be able to figure things out, but with it on I have no luck. I need to be able to see to get out of this place. Whatever and where ever this place happens to be.

I roll onto my stomach which relieves the pain in my neck, but it really hurts my back. Although I don't have to worry about that pain for long because gravity rolls me back over. Being hog tied is a big fat pain . . . everywhere.

Wait, I can hear someone yelling. I can't understand what is being said because a wall muffles the words. Words like jackass, cheap ass, and a bunch of other curse words are the only things that I can make out. The person sound really pissed off. Well pissed seems like a light word to how the guy sounds. The sound of something crashing has me cringing thinking how much pain could come my way.

'Please don't come after me, please don't come after me,' I say over and over in my head. Tears pool in the corners of my eyes in fear.

The next thing to be heard are doors slamming and I realise that the person is getting closer to where I am.


Next thing I know, my upper arm is being gripped so tightly that I know it will bruise and a fist suddenly connects with my cheek. I'm hit repeatedly with his fist and my body suffers from his kicks. My ribs feel like they are on fire. The rest of my body hurts, but I know I will feel the full effects of the beating in a short amount of time. Sobs escape my throat. Why is he doing this to me? What did I ever do to deserve this? My tears fall heavier down my cheeks as he hits me harder. His fists just won't stop!

"What the fuck are you doing?" A male voice demands in an angry tone from the other side of the room. Quick footsteps followed the words and the guy who hit me is being pulled off and by the sound of it, thrown against a wall.

"It makes me feel better," the man who hit me says. At least I think it was the guy who hit me. The voice wasn't as deep and didn't have a husky sound to it like the first voice.

I continue to cry even though the guy is no where near me. My body hurts so much. The taste of blood fills my mouth from where I bit my tongue during one of the guy's punches. It also feels like I have a split lip and a cut above my left eye. I want to crawl into a ball, but I can't as it would hurt too much. I can't crawl into a ball even if I wanted to since I was still hog tied.

"Explain why you hit her," the first male voice says.

"I felt like it," the man that beat me replies. His voice has an edge to it.

"By the way, we kidnapped her. Kidnappers beat their victims. We hurt them. We don't give a flying fuck about what happens to them."

Silence hangs in the air for a few minutes, then, he starts talking.

"Maybe if she's covered in bruises, the cheap fucker will pay us what we want."

I hear the guy who saved me let out a heavy sigh and I can't help but think he has a sexy voice. Wait, sexy voice? What the hell is wrong with me? He kidnapped me too! But then again he stopped that one guy from hitting me. Wait, brain stop thinking. He's a bad guy, end of story. Although bad boys are . . . aaaah brain turn off.

"The guy won't pay and I quote him, 'I don't fucking care what you do to her because she's not mine,'" Sexy Voice says. His voice turns sympathetic toward the end.

I can't help but flinch after hearing what my stepfather said. I know he doesn't like me. I know there is no reason behind it so it still hurts when I hear the words. The man married my mother when I was fourteen, now I'm a few months away from turning twenty-one. He has never liked me.

"Fine I'll take my money out of her," Beater says in an angry tone.

My body completely freezes up when I hear that. My eyes go wide behind my blindfold. He wants to rape me! And there is nothing I can do about it because I'm still tied up. Shit!

The next noise sounds a lot like someone punching someone in the face and breaking their nose. The crunch of the nose breaking sounds very painful. Hopefully they fight each other and forget about me. Yeah that would require luck on my side and I seem to have run out of that a long time ago.

The rope that binds my legs behind my back has just been cut and I'm being dragged out of the room. A hiss leaves my lips as the person grabs my sore arm. My wrists and ankles are still taped together, but they are no longer tied in that painful manner behind me. I was still being pulled away to be raped! Tears leak from my eyes as I try to fight against the person but none of my fighting seems to be doing any good. The guy was still dragging me away. "Please," I whisper in a pathetic way.

"Bring her back here you dick head, I want to fuck her!"

My eyes grow wide when I realize the Beater just said that and I was being dragged away by Sexy Voice.

They need better nicknames.

I want to kick myself for worrying about their nicknames. I'm about to be raped. Raped! And I'm worrying about their nicknames. I guess it's time for a padded room.

At that moment Sexy Voice picks me up and throws me on what I can only guess to be a bed. Next sound I hear is the door slamming and the lock sliding into place. I gulp and close my eyes tight, waiting for what will come next.

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting what so ever!

Note: Okay, I have recieved a message stating someone felt I stole their story. I feel horrible about this because I did not do that nor would I never willing do this. But I don't want to cause problem with them so I will do what they wish.

My story "You Kidnapped Me" has similar ideas as of Volurin's story "Trouble in Paradise." Any similar found were made by complete chance. I did not know about this other story until long after I started mine. I'm completely sorry Volurin for making you think I took your idea. Very sorry.