You Kidnapped Me!

by Lerene

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Chapter 14

Saying Jacob is mad would be an under statement, a huge one at that. The man is pissed beyond belief. He's staring up at the beige ceiling, at the slowing turning wooden fan. His lips are in a flat straight line and his eyebrows are drawn down in irritation. Every once in while he work his jaw.

It seems as if I bruised his poor male ego.

I thought it would be a good idea to get things to end quickly and also thought it would be good pay back from him starting everything with the fake sex act and for him slapping me on the ass. That slap hurt a lot.

"Will you stop pouting."

"I'm not pouting," Sexy Voice said through gritting his teeth.

I roll my eyes at that.

"We weren't really having sex, so why does it matter?" I shake my head then lean against the wall. I'm standing by the wall farthest away from him. I need distance between the two of us after what just happen. It seem almost natural sitting on him. And things should not have been that way. Not at all

"It does matter," he growls.

"Why?" I just don't understand the mind of a man. No woman understood the mind of a man. But really, what was the deal with them having to out do other males and not have the knowledge about bad sex to be shared? Ironically enough though, if the guy had awesome sex he brag all about it to get other guys jealous.

It made no sense to me what so ever.

"It just does," he growls again.

"Stop growling! Why should what that ass think matter? He's some loser that has to listen to others having sex because no woman would willingly want to bed him. Fuck I bet that's the whole reason he become a kidnapper."

Sexy Voice turned his head away from me. He didn't seem to want to listen to reason.

"Come on."

"Leave me alone." Sexy Voice say. He rolls over onto his side, his back was to me and seems to be very stiff.

Sighing I move over to the bed and lean on it on my knees. I really hurt his feeling and it was starting to make me feel real guilty. I put a hand on his back and rub it in a comforting way.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feeling like that. I didn't think it would upset you so much because what we were doing was fake."

Sexy Voice just shrugs his shoulders and tries to move away from me.

I nibble on lip and moved closer to him again.

"I truly am sorry Jacob." Playing with my lips some more I lay down behind Jacob and rubbed his back. "I know your not really like that. Well I don't personally know. But I'm sure your great in bed and . . ."

My blubbering dialogue is cut short as Sexy Voice rolls right on top of me and his lips lock onto mine. I'm so shocked at first I didn't respond to it but when I finally got my sense back to kiss him back, he pulls away.

"I am NOT a minute man," He say calmly, looking down at me. His blue eyes are shinning with some emotion but before I figure what it is, he jumps off the bed and slams the door to the bathroom behind him. In there he hind away from me.

I can not stop staring at the closed bathroom door that Sexy Voice is currently hiding behind. Nor, could I stop touching my lips. He kissed me. He really kissed me!

I've never been more aware of my own lips before.

Did he like kissing me?

Were my lips okay?

Were they too soft?

Were they dry?

Were they damp?

Oh god, was it good at all!!!

Eck!!!!!! I didn't even kiss him back until after he began pulling away!

I grab a pillow and cover my face with it. How horrible! He more than likely probably thinks I'm a horrible kisser! Talk about pay back for what I said earlier to him.

And what was that I saw in his eyes? Did he like the feeling of my lips against his?

I blinked out of my thoughts at the sound of the shower being turned on. Just hearing the water has my checks going red. He's in there naked and I had to wonder, is he taking a cold shower?

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever!!!

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