.fleeting fancies.

dreams come and go, like winter suns during cold days, like emotive actors in perfunctory plays.
they are fleeting faces in a crowd of strangers, showing just a sliver of fancy before they
pass into unknowing.
thoughts scatter and gather at the first flutter of a happy future; oh! how sweet it all seems, when Real Life is not involved, and all is made up of
pure fantasy.
we all strive for a simple slice of wanton desire. we all want to be happy, joyful, without pain and loss and sorrow. we all wish to live forever; to never feel the weight of age, see the lines that signify just how short it all is.

dreams come and go. open your hands, close your eyes, and hope (hope so hard it hurts, for it is the only pain that will give you pleasure, if only you proceed) just hope a little lightness of fancy falls upon your palm.
chance will give you life's minor charms, but happiness is relative, so it is up to you how glorious it can be to live.

(do not see light on dreary days; see the rain in the sun, and know it will soon come.
it has to come.)

a/n: random ramblings that rhyme. trying to find reason, when reason is running away. as always.