Everyone is assigned a judge of life and death. I learned this by sheer mistake. MY mistake.

I had done nothing wrong.

The screaming interrupted my sanity.

The beating captured the beating of my heart.

The torture of listening to my little sister as she was slowly raped was the one that made me do it.

He deserved it.

He needed it.

So I gave it to him, and took my sister away.

The cops came and took her from me.

I remember her face, wet with the river of her tears, and the brightness of her struggle to get away from them.

She hurt so badly.

I felt her pain.

But they took her anyway.

I could do nothing.

They took ME away, too.

they threw me in prison.

Twelve years old is a confusing age.

But he deserved it.

They sent me away and I never saw her again.

My 'judge' told me I was to live in agony for all my life.

I had sinned.

But he deserved it.