In the beginning it was all a crusade,

Now the deeds have turned paltry,

And they're all in vain.

Worrying, waiting

For something to make her strong.

Debating in the dead of night,

Can't help but think,

That its all gone wrong.

She keeps thinking,

Keeps wanting to tell him

Just what is going on.

She doesn't know that

This is coming to an end;

Tracing the hidden marks on her heart,

She hopes in vain

To go back to the start,

To make everything sane once again.

Wondering, wandering,

Hoping half-heartedly

That she doesn't get caught.

She left her husband and lost her son,

Right now she's lost most of her blood.

Waiting for the sun to rise

Not wanting to open up her eyes.

She breathes,

The expolsion of guilt into her lungs,

Knowing that she's lost the ones she loves.