Chocolate Covered Boxer-Briefs

Chapter 1: Waking Up Gay

I just started the 9th grade. The grade when boys my age are starting to get really, really interested in girls. They would bring their older brother's porno in to school and masturbate together in the upstairs boy's restroom.

Upstairs was a lot cooler then downstairs.

Well, I'm not very cool. Mainly because girl's my age wear a lot of make-up, so I don't think they are very pretty and not liking the girl that look like clowns makes me weird. People don't like weird people. I can't bring my older brother's porno in to school because my older brother would cut off my hands if I touched anything of his. I also am not comfortable petting my john in front of other people, and to make matter's worst I've never been in the upstairs restroom.

I also don't have any open friends. I say open friends because I have one friend but he is popular and he refuses to talk to me in public. We only are friends because we are from the same neighborhood. Our moms and their friends all come over to my house and have a book club. That I'm not allowed to join by the way! I think only because they use 'Book Club' as an excuse to gossip and talk about their husbands badly.

I don't have a close relationship with my brother. Mainly because he is a lunatic. He dresses in a lot of black, listens to a lot of dark music, wears make-up, and smokes a lot. He is my parent's lost cause.

Once they saw how my brother turned out they didn't even bother with me. So all they have to do is keep me alive and they are content with life.

My brother is two years older then me, he is some what cool in school. He gets in a lot fights though. I wonder why… Anyhow, he is allowed in the upstairs bathroom. I wonder why that is too… maybe he fought his way up to the top. Who knows? Not me.

Where was I going with this?


I jumped, snapping my head up to the voice that just came into my bedroom. Oh, it's only Jacob.

Jacob is my only friend. The one I was talking about.

"Hi," I said slowly watching him peel off his backpack and coat.

"My parents are fighting again," he explained flipping on my bedroom light. I didn't even notice it was off. I also did not notice I was so close to the edge of the bed. How long have I been sitting in here?

I scooted over so I wasn't so close to the edge.

"Why are they fighting?" I said shoving my hands in between my crossed legs.

"Hell if I know," he said heading over to my computer.

I give up trying. Jacob's parents fight a lot. Mostly about Jacob or the bills… so he sneaks over here a lot.

On a normal 'escape the parent's fight for safety reasons' night I normally sit on my bed and do homework while Jacob goes on the internet to chat to his friends or he goes to myspace.

But I already finished my homework and it was pretty late at night and I had yet to take my nightly shower. So I uncrossed my legs and rolled off my bed landing softly on the ground.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said acting like a ninja crawling towards the door since standing would be just too much work.

"You are so gay," he told me before going back to my computer.

I paused for some boxers and then continued my way out the door.


While in the shower I wondered what would make him say that. Maybe I look gay?

After my shower I stared into the mirror in the bathroom staring at my hair.

My hair doesn't look gay… I don't use gay looking gel either. A normal blondish color with brown highlights, completely normal and non-gay looking.

I narrowed my eyes at myself in the mirror and got closer to it placing my hands on the counter so I didn't fall over.

My eyes are a normal hazel color. They match my hair. Maybe that's gay! No I'm pretty sure a lot are straight people have matching eye and hair color.

Like Brad Pitt. Wait, what color is Brat Pitt's eyes? That's another thing that proves I'm not gay. I don't know the color of Brad Pitt's eyes.

I didn't look gay. At all. A little on the small size in body wise but not all gay men are small! My Uncle Larry for one is not a tiny man.

I widened my eyes and puffed out my cheeks. I don't act gay. Never have I worried about looking nice. In fact I tend to try not looking nice because no one wants a dirty looking kid to do the dishes.

I backed away from the mirror and lifted my arm to my mouth taking a small lick. I don't taste gay. I'm not sure how gay men taste but I'm sure I don't taste like one.

I sniffed myself and stilled for a moment.

What am I doing? Sniffing myself to see if I smell like a gay man…

How would a gay man smell?

Like man sex and bears.

The bear thing is random but I'm thinking weirdly today. I give up on looking for the scent of gay men on me. I grabbed some new boxers and pulled them on and left my dirty clothes near the hamper.

Not in the hamper. Near it.

I traveled my way past my brother's room on my hands and knees because standing takes time and I don't have enough. My brother opened his door letting his cold air come out freezing me. I rushed past the open door and continued down the hall.

"What are you doing?" He asked from behind me.

"Clearly I'm going back to my room," I said in an annoyed voice.

"Crawling?" He asked and someone else chuckled.

I rolled on my back and propped myself on my elbows moving my legs in front of me in a bent fashion. My wet hair was sticking to my face and was dipping on my back, I was cold and there was goose bumps covering me but I wasn't going to fail!

"Yes," I said staring him straight in his evil eyes.

His eyes dashed across me then to his friend that was staring at me too.

"You're brother is weird," Tomas's friend said patting my brother's shoulder then going back into my brother's room.

"Jayden stop being weird," Tomas said with amusement in his voice going back in his cold room to smoke.

"Stop wearing make-up!" I yelled to him because that was the only thing I could think of.

I flipped back over and crawled to rest of the way to my room. I crawled in the open door and kicked the door shut scaring Jacob.

I stood up and stared at Jacob who was staring at me. I raised my eye brow at him and watched his eye brows raise too. He dropped his and turned away from me.

I walked over to my bed and sat on in then rolled to lie down on my back near the wall.

I sat up a look staring at my stomach it wrinkled a little my ribs not showing as much anymore then I sucked in my stomach and saw my ribs again. I let out my breath slowly and continued to watch my stomach move until it was normal again. I laughed and lay back down.

"Put some clothes on," Jacob said walking over to his bag after turning off my computer.

He stripped down to his boxers and got out his pajama's. I glare at his back and his need to wear an unnecessary amount of clothing on when you sleep. He is a douche bag.

I rolled off the bed and stood up fast. I stood there for a moment and waited for the world to stop moving then I traveled over to my closet and pulled out the long band shirt that I have whenever Jacob is here. I slide it on watched Jacob sit on his side of the bed pulling out his contacts.

I watched him pull out the second one and put it in the case and placed on the bed-side-table. He lay down and got ready for bed.

I got ready for my run. I ran like as if it was normal and leaped over him like a puma! Puma's are sweet. I landed next to him all sweet like.

"Yeah!" I said my blood pumped up now.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jake said sitting up alarmed, looking at me with a shock and disbelief look.

"I'm a puma, clearly," I said calming down a bit laying back. He stared at me and then laid back down trying to get away from me. I reached over him, making him tense up, turning off the lamp that was the source of my only light. I flipped back down and got under the covers and turned away from him facing the wall now.

"G'night," I said cheerfully snuggling into the covers. He murmured something back that sounded like 'gunfight' but I accepted it as a 'goodnight'.


I woke up to Jacob under the covers asleep and my brother and his friend clearly in my room messing it up. I sat up and watched them for a moment. My brother flipped through my CDs and his friend went on the internet on my computer.

I continued watching them until my brother looked up at me jumping a little. He calmed down and stood up walking over to the bed.

"Go back to sleep," he said ordering me to sleep in MY room!

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:32am in the morning. I looked back up at him and stared. Since I like doing that, staring, I mean.

I find it fun to do. I don't know why.

My brother went back over to his friend who was watching us. I stared for a moment longer than went under the covers with Jacob. Who was facing me now.

I sighed in his face making him twitch a little then be calm again.


I woke up again with one of Jacob's legs in between mine and my body pressed up against his. This was different…

And vary gay.

GASP! I'm gay! I wake up gay!

I can see it clearly now! I pushed Jacob away with my reason for being gay and sat up pushing the covers off us! I removed his leg from in between mine. I nodded and placed a hand on my chin. Jacob woke up by my pushing him and tried to go back to sleep now.

Today was Saturday so I have time this weekend to turn myself gay and jack off to gay porn. This is new to me so I don't know what to do.

Who would have known that I would've woken up gay today? I had better tell my mom of my new life style.

I rolled over Jacob and plopped on the floor. I stood up and ran out of my room, past my brother's room and down the stairs to the kitchen where my mom and dad were at drinking coffee plus my brother who was pealing an orange and my brother's friend who was watching my brother.

"I'm gay," I said standing there with hands on my hips.

My dad choked on his coffee and my mom ripped her newspaper. My brother just stared at me with shock clearly written on his face. His friend laughing his butt off.

I nodded my head to them then traveled back up stairs to go tell Jacob that I woke up gay.