Chapter 21: An End to Remember Me By

"Jayden," four voices rang out through the room, one of shock, one of anger, one of pain, and one happily. You can guess who said what.

"Hey," I meekly said looking around at them quickly before moving my eyes back to Tomas who looked like he was about to attack.

I hid under my bed until my mother called me out from my hiding place, saying that Tomas had left for Melody's and to get out from under the bed. I crawled from and stared at the door for a good two minutes.

"I'm not your enemy Jayden," she called out, knocking her knuckles twice before leaving me.

I stood, smoothing out my clothes, looking around like someone was going to jump out and kill me. I calmed and grabbed my cell phone that was on my bed, sending a quick text to David saying that he was dead to me.

Seriously, hiding under my bed like some kind of mouse or a refugee or something. Not that I mind being under my bed. I find it calming under there. I sighed and threw my cell phone back on my bed before crawling to my door. I raised on my knees, unlocking my door, cracking it open to look outside. A flash of a hand was my warning until a door came slamming into my face.

I let out a yelp, backing away and bringing a hand up to my nose.

"Owie," I cried out going to my fetal position.

"Oh crap," a voice said as they bent down next to me to get a look. I felt hands pry my hands away from my nose, I couldn't see who it was but it sounded like Jacob, tears filled my eyes ready to fall.

"Is it broke?" I asked my voice sounding funny.

"I'm not that strong, retard."

Yep, it's Jacob.

"Are you okay, Jayden?" another voice asked. Michael? He is still here? He isn't trying to kill me for breaking up with him? He isn't mad? He is still here to see if I was okay? Awww, I love him.

"No," I pouted, looking at Jacob, who was glaring at me. I rubbed my nose and glared back at Jacob.

"Don't pout, you look like a monkey," Jacob told me with a serious face.

You look like a monkey when you pee in the toilet and you find me looking in on you. Joking. Or am I? I am.

I took my hands away from my nose to go back to pouting but instead just stared sadly at Jacob and Michael.

"Why are you two here?" I asked in my 'I hurt myself' voice.

Jacob went to say something mean but Michael cut in, "Jacob called me when you went missing and we just ended back here when you called your mom. We were really worried, Jayden."

I felt tears come to my eyes. Seeing his face and hearing him so sad and stuff, just breaks my heart. I really do like this kid.

"I know I'm sorry," I said looking down, scooting backwards until I was resting against the side of my bed. Jacob walked further into my room along with Michael, who was looking around like a little kid in a candy shop. This is his first time in my room, my room is kind of a shock to new comers, it's plain, and people think it is going to be bright pink. With dragons over the walls or something.

"Where did you go?" Jacob asked sitting across from me as Michael took a seat beside me.

"David's apartment," I said.

"Who is David?" Michael asked before Jacob could go on his angry rant of evil.

"A friend," I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Why did you run away to his house?" Michael asked calmly, his voice sounding a little off, like he wanted to really ask me, 'Why did you break my heart then run away?'

"No one was talking to me. I felt really alone. Mrs. Wood brought up some emotions about me and someone," I paused, shooting a look at Jacob who was now staring out my window, "and about our break up," I then looked at Michael who was still calm.

He looked away when I looked at him which really hurt.

"David called, he asked if I wanted to come over, I said yes and I just forgot to tell my mom," I explained in a hurry. Jacob let out a breath and shifted a little, touching me with his foot.

"Maybe I should go home," he said in a quiet voice, "let you guys talk or something."

I stood up with him and walked him to my bedroom door. I opened my door, letting him step out into the hallway until I followed him, letting my door shut behind us.

"I'm sorry I hurt you Jacob," I whispered, looking at his shoulder.

"I'm sorry I hurt you too," he whispered back. He stepped closer to me, pulling me into a hug, and pressing a kiss to the side of my head.

We stood in that position for a while before pulled away, "Text me later to tell me if you guys are back together."

I nodded, pressing a kiss on his cheek then letting him go, so he could go home. I waited a minute until I got enough guts and gills to go back to my room. I turned, opening my door, and there sat Michael in all of his wonderfulness.

And I just told him everything.

Right from becoming gay, meeting David, my amazing fort, my kiss and stuff with Chase, Jacob's feelings for me, his weird friend with the red hair, my talk with Mrs. Wood and everything in between. We sat there for at least twenty minutes.

"You had a crush on me since the beginning of school?" he asked.

Out of all that I told him that is the only thing that stood out?

"Yeah," I answered.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked suddenly.

"Yeah," I answered, even adding a nod in because I was desperate for his kiss.


"Are we going back out?" Michael asked, placing a kiss on my neck.

"Yes," I giggled, trying to push him away but he just kept kissing my neck.

He finally stopped, sitting up, "Want me to stay the night?"

"Yeah," I whispered, licking my lips before leaning up, kissing his lips with my tasty spit covered lips.

"What are we going to do?" Michael said after returning my kiss then kissing me afterwards.

"I don't care," I said running my hands down his chest then back up, tugging at his collar to pull him down to kiss me again.

"We could watch a movie?" he tried, stopping himself from kissing me to ask me.

"Or a comedy? Or better yet, a romance," he tried, laughing afterwards.
"Or Semi Pro," I exclaimed pushing him off me.
"What?" Michael sounded confused.
"It's like the Titanic," I paused for dramatic effect, "but with bears."


I felt my life was at peace for one time in my life since I came out gay. My life was the perfect fairy tale at the moment. I could probably walk on water with how great I was feeling.

I tied up my loose ends, texting David to say he was a asshole again, texting Jacob to tell him I loved him in a brother-loving-incest way but Michael and I were going to elope to Europe and he was welcomed to join us, and even telling Chase that he was sexy but too ugly to jump my bones.

I don't think Chase liked my wording but he got that I was madly in love with Michael.

But really what has been on my nerves, what is making me look around like I am a heroin addict wait for my next hit, is that I haven't seen Tomas in a week.

It scares me when I don't see him in a long time because it means that he is building up his rage into little blocks, all the way up to the top of his head, before he blows and freaks out. It has happened before; we fought before he left for Melody's for a weekend. It just kept building up and up.

When he came home, I would rather not re-live that.

This fight is bigger. A lot closer to home with him, he is just letting his rage grow...

I felt a pang of shock go through me as I heard the sound of footsteps downstairs.

It is in the afternoon, the weekend after the whole drama of me running away. My parents are out in the back yard gardening and said that they would be there for most of the day. My parents are hardcore gardeners.

I dropped to the ground, crawling my way to the stairs, keeping close to the wall. I looked over the top step to find Tomas standing at the bottom.

An evil smirk danced its way on his face, his face was clear of make-up and he was wearing some old clothes of his, meaning that he was at our grandparent's house.

"Hey Tomas," I gulped.

"You are going to-"

I didn't let him finish. I stood quickly, letting a moment of dizziness go through me before running towards the closest room I could reach.

Before I could reach for any door handle, Tomas had dashed his way up the stairs and grabbed a hold of my ankle causing me to fall painfully on the hallway floor.

"You are going to die," Tomas growled, crawling on top of me, making sure as hell that I wasn't going to run away from him anytime soon. He grinned down at me before letting his fist swing.


I lay in my bed, bruised like a peach, whining to myself about the pain. My eye hurt like no other. Tomas punched me right in the face, a couple of times.

"Jayden?" a small voice questioned from my door. I didn't turn to see who it was because I was in pain.

I heard a small laugh.

"Your mom told me Tomas got a hold of you," the voice, that now I know is Michael's, said. He laughed at my pain. He is a bad boyfriend.

"I'm in pain!" I whined to him, finally turning over to look at his amused face. He smiled brightly at my black eye.

"Aww, poor baby," he cooed, going around to the foot of my bed and climbing into my bed to lay beside me. He laid behind me and wrapped his arms softly around my stomach. "We'll cuddle the pain out."

"Kay," I pouted moving myself so I was pressed tightly against him.

It was quiet for a long time. I felt his breath slow down and his arms tightened around my waist.

"This may be too early," I paused waiting to see if he was awake, no movement, "but I think I love you."

It was quiet again, I felt myself relax.

"I love you too," Michael's soft voice breathed into my neck. I tensed and whined in pain afterwards causing Michael to laugh out loud and tighten his hold on me causing me to whine even more in pain.

The END (Let's Thank Luci-chan who beta'd this chapter!)

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