By: Kelsey Starr


What does it mean to be accepted?

To walk in lines

Avoiding glaring eyes

That are Whispering lies

About YOUR lives?

To walk though the street

With the world at your feet

Being ignored by everyone you meet

Not even bothering to greet?

Living life in a trace

Without a passing glance

But that's what you wanted right?

To be accepted?

To be one of the crowd

And not say your name out loud?

Not a free spirit to be found

No differences allowed

Well if that's what being accepted means…

Don't accept me

Keep me out of the crowd

Say you don't like me

Push me down and spit at my fallen from

Say that I will never be one of you and never will

Because I'm fine with that

Maybe I want to be different

Weather you like it or not,

I'm not going to change what you see

See of me

Because that's who I want to be


Accept that?