This is my place
A land I call my own
Everything you see
Is due to my imagination

I chose the plants
I chose the walls
I chose the stars
That float above you

Go on, reach out
You can touch them if you like
They aren't that far away
Just close enough for you

Make a with on it
And keep it in your pocket
Pull it out when you need it most
For that's the purpose it serves

This is my place
On my path you walk
It's because of me
That you feel the wind on your cheek

Look behind you
At the gates you passed upon entering
They only open for the lucky,
The open minded, and the true.

There are many who want to see my place
But the metal bars remain locked
So they must wait on the outside
And only wonder what lies beyond

But, they fear what they don't understand
So they say my place isn't real
Just a lie I tell the outsiders
But you know that it isn't true

For, here you are, walking in my place
You believe me, right?
Because I know that my place is real
For it came from my mind

You can help them burn down the walls
That separate them from my place
If you do, I'll understand
But I'll never forgive

Because I thought I could trust you
But, I must've let my guard down too soon
For it was who in which I trusted the keys to my place
And only you can tear it down

But, you can help me
Keep my place a secret
Don't tell the outsiders what you saw
But assure them that it's all too real

You will help me, right?
There's no way you would betray
Feel the leaves, eat the fruit,
And tell me my place isn't real.

They just don't trust it
Because they don't understand
Sure, my place is different
But, that's what makes it special.