This is the Internet

I am 35 years old, fat, male and living in my parents basement. I use pictures of girls I find on MySpace so that people will talk to me. I like WoW, food, and prepubescent girls. I still haven't completed high school and it shows in my inability to spell, capitalize or use grammar. I love dating websites because I really feel I can get to know a person via the narcissistic bullshit they type in their bio. I can also hit on people I would never have the balls to talk to in real life because I'm at a keyboard. I hate when people call me out for what I am: a fat loser. When this happens I get defensive and grasp at straws to make fun of them. I can't string together a coherent come on or insulting insult. I think that telling girls "Let's have sex" will get me laid. Hey, baby, it's the internet and worth a try. I think that I'll really meet my soul mate on this site because of how they match people based on a slew of silly meaningless questions. I get really offended by what people say to me online; because we're really good personal friends and all. Being behind a computer screen gives me a lot of power and makes me feel like a man. Message me if you wanna fuck.