Clusters of emotions clench inside me once more.

It's been a long time since I have felt this much.

And I slowly creep up to my mind, and open the door.

But they trample me and I scream in terror. Is this enough?

I cannot escape, as the muscles of my heart expand, contract.

They move too quickly, dragging me into to adreniline fuled panick

And as I watch you glazed eyes to the sky, I know it isn't an act.

I was hoping it was a cruel joke, and when I realize it's not my cheek starts to tick.

As they lower you down I resist the urge to rush after you,

To fling myself into the pit in a moment of insanity.

It hits me that you're never coming back, that all our times are through.

And as the memories come rushing back, I hold back my profanity.

As she grasps at my hand, I cannot feel her flesh.

She is crying, sobbing to the sky, but is she greiving for you?

She runs her finger across my palm, and my pain comes new and fresh.

Is she really greiving, or like me, wishing she was gone too?

So many questions linger, and they swirl inside my head.

Why did you go, why didn't you say goodbye to me?

Why did you do this to yourself? Why did you leave me here so utterly undead?

But I know why you went. You left for my reason, to be free.