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Stacy's POV

There he was, talking with his group of friends.

Looking absolutely gorgeous.

Those eyes...

That smile...

Mark Moree .

My crush...

My love...

The guy i have been crushing on my whole senior year.

It wasnt just a crush anymore.

It was now an unforgetable love.

I dont know for how long i stood there staring at him.

Until a striking brunette cuddled up under his arm.

His gorgeous yet sluty girlfriend, Heather.

A depressing sigh escaped from my lips as i continued to stare at them.

Wishing it was me in his arms instead of her!

"Still staring at my brother?" i heard a sweet voice interupting my sad thoughts.

I turned my head to look at my best friend.

Stephanie Moree.

Mark's younger sister.

She was only a grade under me, yet we were great friends.

"Well its not her fault. She is like in love with him" my other best friend joined in.

Uranda Arnolds.

We have been bestfriends since grade five.

We were in the same grade.

She was a pretty shy and a quiet person, but with her bestfriends she was very frank.

I smiled at them.

Both of them knew about my crush.

It was kind of freaky when Stephanie found out about it.

But she was cool with it.

Infact, the whole school knew about it, including Mark.

Yes he knew it, but we never talked about it.

How did he know?

Well it all started back when he used to flirt with me.

I dont know why, because of that i developed a crush on him.

I thought he liked me too.

I really did!

But he was just flirting.

Simple, harmless flirting.

And i was so gulible that i believed him.

My biggest mistake was when i sent him a message on his cellphone telling him how i felt.


In the message I even wrote to him how stupid i was to think like that, and how embarrass i was right now.

When we met after that, he said that i should not be embarrass.

It made me feel a little better.

Thats the only time we talked about it.

Actually that was only what he said, after that we didnt talk about it.

His whole attitude changed after that.

He would not talk to me like he used to.

It was just 'Hi' or 'How are you?' now.

I was really hurting me.

Plus when i found out that he has a crush on Heather...I was devastated!

Atleast me and Mark were friends, that was the good thing.

But only friends...Nothing more.

"I am sorry guys. You know how i get caught up in my Mark World!" i told them.

"Its ok Stacy, but what if he caught you looking at him? You dont know my brother the way i do. He is a damn hawk!" Stephanie told me, which cracked me and Uranda up!

The school bell rang, indicating that the break was over.

We all stood up from the grass patch we were sitting on.

I looked at Mark one more time.

Instead i saw Heather giving him little kisses on his neck.

He ran his hand across her cheek.

All this made me fume with jealousy!

I quickly looked away in anger and sadness.

Why does he do that to me?

Does he do all that on purpose?Because he knows i like him? i thought coming close to tears.

However i held them back.

I knew crying and sobbing over him will just make me look like a desparate loser.

Instead i walked back in the school with Stephanie and Uranda.

I dont know why i am always thinking about him when i know its totally hopeless between us.

He knows about my crush but he never asked me out.

Maybe because i am white and he is black.

Yes, i have a crush on a black guy.

However i really dont care.

I was never racist, neither was he.

Still i dont understand.

My thoughts were interrupted as i heard someone call my name across the hall.

I turned around and faced my twin brother.

Zander Wellson.

I was two minutes older than him.

But we dont look alike at all.

He is a blonde while i am a brunette.

"What?" i asked him as he caught up with me and my friends.

"Have you seen Mark?" he asked me with a wink.

He and Mark were pretty close friends.

Ofcourse my brother knew about my crush too.

And just like every other brother he teases me every now and then.

Plus i always bug him about Mark...

"Did he say anything about me?"

"Did he ask you why i was absent today?"

"What was he wearing today?"

I admit i am obssessed.

All of these question drived him nuts!

So whenever we talk about anything he tells me beforehand not to mention a word about Mark.

This makes me sad because i always need someone to talk to about him.

Even Stephanie gets bored when i am always blabbing about her brother.

Uranda gets tired but litsens to me anyways.

"He is outside with his friends and GIRLFRIEND" i answered him, saying the word ' girlfriend ' with bitterness.

He chuckled and jogged outside.

Three of us walked to our next class, which was English.

Stephanie took this class with us.

We took our places as the teacher, a tall slim lady, erased the board.

"Hey, you guys want to go to the mall after school?" Stephanie asked us.

My eyes lit up.

"Will Mark be there?" i asked her hopefully.

She rolled her eyes and nodded a ' yes ' slowly.

I grinned.

"Cool..." i said slowly.

"I cant. I have to help my mom clean out the attic today" Uranda told us sadly.

"Oh, its ok Ura" Stephanie told her while tapping her on the back.

Uranda pushed her lightly.

"You know i hate that nickname" she told her.

Stephanie just stuck her tongue out at her.

I giggled.

Suddenly my attention went back to the entrance of the class.

Mark was making his way inside the class, his arm around Heather's waist.

Both of them were laughing over something personal.

The jealousy monster returned within me.

I frowned and looked away again.

My eyes met Uranda's and she gave me a sympathetic smile.

She knew and can understand how i was feeling right now.

I gave her a small smile and looked down at my books.

I dont know how i will survive in the future.

I wanted him.

To hold me...

To love me...

I guess it was hopeless.

I mean ...he knew how i felt.


Nothing at all!

"Ok class quiet down!" i heard our teacher saying.

I looked around the class.

No one seem to care whatever Ms.Celine said (Our English teacher).


The whole class went silent.

Even Mark and Heather stopped whispering to each other.

"Ok, now that i have your attention, please submit your assignment here." she said while sitting down on her desk.

"Uhh...what assignment Ms.Celine?" a chubby girl in the front row asked her.

Ms.Celine rolled her eyes.

She stood up from her place and walked towards the middle of the class, and crossed her arm across her chest.

"Last week i asked you all to write a piece of poetry. Who did it?"

Some of the students, including me, raised their hands.

I loved poetry.

I can write and describe my feelings through them.

Express my emotions.

Ofcourse my biggest inspiration was Mark.

I have a whole book filled with all kind of poetry.

When i am sad because of him.

When i am happy.


So i was really excited.

I will definitely get an 'A'.

We handed her our assignments.

"Ok, for the people who DIDNT do it...Detention after school" Ms.Celine announced.

Half of the class groaned.

"But thats not fair!" Heather complained in her high pitched voice.

I just rolled my eyes.

"Well we have to do whats fair right?" Ms.Celine told her while smiling a little, and went back shuffling the papers.

Heather just glared at her.

"Ok, since i have all of the assignments here, why dont we read them out?" she told us with yet another smile.

My eyes opened wide in shock.

I have to read my poem out loud??

Infront of the whole class?

Infront of MARK??

Nopes,no way,never,you CANT make me!


"Stacy why dont we start with you?" Ms.Celine asked me nicely.

Screw it!

"Ummm...s-sure" i said nervously and stood up.

Both Stephanie and Uranda seems to notice my tension.

I went to the front of the class, passing Mark.

I sensed him looking at me.

I think he knew what my poem is going to about.

I waited nervously as the teacher searched through the papers for my poem.

"Here you go" she said handing me my poem.

I took a deep breath and faced the class.

I looked at everyone for the last time.

Stephanie and Uranda smiled at me encouragingly.

I caught Mark looking at me too.

He gave me a small smile and i smiled back at him.

I looked down at the paper and saw the poetic words written neatly across the sheet of loose leaf paper.

My palms were all sweaty.

Oh man! What do i do now? i thought as i nervously started speaking.

"Umm..t-this is a love poem i wrote" i told the whole class.

I saw Mark's eyes growing wide.

I cleared my throat and started reading...

I didnt know love exsisted

Until i met you

I didnt know i could read eyes

Until i saw yours

Your pretty brown eyes

What can i say?

I am in love with you

Just your presence in my life,is enough to make me breath

To make me stay alive

I know that we are just friends

But sometimes i wish we were more

I know you dont feel the same way

Which makes my heart sore

But you know what?

One day you will realise

That we are meant to be together

I will wait for that day to come

Until forever!

I stopped and let out a deep breath.

I didnt look up from my paper until i heard applauding in my ear.

I looked up and saw everyone clapping lightly.

My eyes quickly met Mark's.

I wanted to see his expression.

To my dismay...he had no expression.


What the hell?

He was just sitting in his place clapping silently.

Feeling down, i just gave the paper back to the teacher and went back to my place.

"Great poem Stace!" Uranda whispered to me.

"Thanks" i answered back to her glumly.

Oh God! Help me!