This is for you, Mr. Paperclip Man,
Your helpfulness used to be cute.
But now, after years of your advice,
Your tiny head I'd like to shoot.

Each time I write a new line for a poem,
A bulb appears over your head.
You tap on the screen to let me know I messed up.
It is then that I wish you were dead.

Sometimes you scratch with your metally hand,
And stare with your metally smile.
When I make up a word, like "metally"
You keep tapping for quite a while.

You sit on a chair of ruled paper,
I'd like to rip from your metal behind,
So you'd fall and you'd fall right down off the screen
And stop driving me out of my mind.

But though you've made me crazy for years,
You've been with me all the way through.
So here's to you, Mr. Paperclip Man,
Word's a lonely place without you.