I want to whisper into your ear

Because you're the only one that I want to hear

What I have to say

You're beautiful

You light up my world

Oh baby, you know

That in this life, one can go

For so long without finding another

To share their space, to know the other

In their entirety and still stick around

And in you, it's been found

I want you to pull me down on top of you

To summon in me all the heat that I have to lose

Whisper things in my ear, tell me all that I need to hear

To become like an animal to tear

Apart your clothing like it was made of paper

To ravage every part of you

Suckling your breasts, their undersides

Little kisses on your neck turning into little bites

Nibbles at your ears, at your hair

You bring out the beast in me

I bring out the beast in you

Scratch me down my back until I bleed

And I will victimize you

I will make you wriggle, I will make you scream

I will be a part of your dreams when you do dream

Half Angel, Half Demon, sent to deliver your orgasms

With my tongue, my touch, my fingertips

My little whispers into your ears

As you scream out my name and bring me down once again

To your body, your touch, your little whispers

That bring out the best in me

You bring out the beast in me

I bring out the beast in you

Scratch my back until it bleeds

And I promise I will victimize you

You're the only one, the only one

That can release this from me

You are the only one, THE ONLY ONE

That knows how to set me free

I scream, you scream

One Low and primal, the other high and female


I bring out the beast in you


I promise that I will victimize you


Oh baby, just like that

You're the best I ever had

Devour me whole

Deliver my soul