When the winds begin to blow

And you grow cold

You will know

That this wasn't a joke

A great big chill

Sent down your spine to fill

A growing need in you, another pill

Tossed at your feet, then the blood spills

Regrets are futile when you think

Words of idiocy whenever you speak

A child lost, but growing

Lifes living, then dying

Deny it if you will

But you're insignificant

Hey, it's ok, chill

So am I, we're together in this

Insignificant and ignorant

As much as we know

We're still but children

Infant minds growing old

Life is hard, everywhere

And people turn a blind eye

Refuse the truth, right there

It's enough to make the Gods cry

Whenever an open mind becomes closed

The winter winds do blow

Growing chill and cold

And all life seems meaningless, sold

Chilly, freezing bits of air

Whipping, controlling, everywhere

Blowing no sound but the glare

of emptiness in the air