Do you see what the shadows hide when you try to sleep at night

The creeping, sliding silhouettes of greed, corruption and regrets

Eating into your subconscious, feeding on your conscience

And creating your insecurities. What do you do with your inferiorities

When the shadows play

Your senses start to slide, your sanity denied

Shadows dancing pirouettes. Another hypocrite in a world of hypocrites

A sleepless night for the furious, dreading doom for the curious

And it becomes in our ignorance the perfection of our deadened bliss

When the shadows dance

Let your anger die, let go of your wild side

Closing in, the world of silhouettes, ridding the world of one more hypocrite

No help for the helpless, the world becomes once again

survival of the fittest. The rest becomes history

Another sin punished in the land of obscurities

When the shadows begin to close in